Friday, February 26, 2016

Two Worlds Colliding

Have you ever had the experience of two of your “worlds” colliding?  You know, like you meet someone that you only know from WORK while you are at the MALL…  Or you think no one knows you are into dressing up like Harry Potter, then you run into your neighbor at a Harry Potter convention and you are both in full Harry attire…  (Note:  that was a totally MADE UP example, I do not dress up like Harry Potter, I have not seen the Harry Potter movies, nor have I read the books.  I was just trying to get my point across about two worlds colliding J .)

Anyway, two of my worlds collided recently when a friend sent me a link to the story of a Trader Joe’s cashier in California who was super kind to a family checking out in her line.  My TRADER JOE’S world and my KINDNESS world collided smack dab in the middle!  It was fabulous!

Kindness in the check-out line
I read the article, then set about doing a bit of research.  I got to message with the mom involved in the story and talk on the phone to the cashier!  It was super.  I have named ELISE, the TJ’s cashier, a Kindness Activist.  I hope she is wearing her button at work even as I type.  J

You can read about it all here:  Cashier Kindness

And if you live in the Antioch/Brentwood, California area and happen to go thru Elise’s line at Trader Joe’s, give her a big smile and a “thanks”.  She rocks.

P.S. Now that I wrote this, I keep hearing this song in my head:  Never Tear Us Apart

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