Saturday, March 5, 2016

Life is Short - Buy the Tulips

Life is short.
Buy the damn tulips.
(Or fancy seasonal lotion or oranges that are only out for 2 weeks a year...)

You get what I'm saying.  Sometimes life is worth a little SPLURGE. A couple of weeks ago I bought the tulips at Trader Joe's even though I feared they were a bit more than I should be spending at the moment.

And look what happened.

THEY BLOOMED.  And they brought smiles, joy, and beauty to our home.

Who knows, it might be too late for this particular purchase.  But the next time you are at TJ's and you see a seasonal item that you are not sure if you should go for, just do it.  Buy the tulips, man.

P.S.- here is the original review of this product:  tulips bulbs in glass vase

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