Tuesday, March 22, 2016

TJ's Neighbor Share Program - It's AMAZING!

Once again, my world's of KINDNESS and TRADER JOE'S collide midstream!!

Have you ever noticed a store hanging at your local Trader Joe's that talks about DONATIONS?  I saw them as we traveled around and popped into Trader Joe's all over the country last year.  I SAW the signs, but I didn't really PAY ATTENTION to them...

Most stores have these signs, but I never paid attention to them.  Until now!
So recently I decided to ask some questions and figure out what in the world TJ's donates.  I was very happy I asked, because it turns out they not only have cool employees, great food at good prices, and awesome wine - they also are SUPER KIND TO THEIR COMMUNITIES!!

Seriously, next time you shop at TJ's just take a second to thank them.  Not all stores bother to give back to the neighbors, but TJ's sure does.

Read about their Neighbor Share program at the link below and be inspired!

Donating Kindness

Thank You note hanging in the Clarendon store from a thankful artist.  :)

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