Saturday, October 31, 2015

Day 304 - S'mashing S'mores

This review is the work of DAVID.  He consumed two whole packages of S'MASHING S'MORES before I had one single bite. 

David says – “PERFECT.

Even before we checked out of the grocery store David was in love with these things.

These are the perfect blend of:
·         Chocolate, which is goooood chocolate.  (I clarified – milk or dark?  He confirmed – MILK with drizzles of dark chocolate on top.)
·         Marshmallows, that are not hard but not too soft and not too thick – this is kind of a “3 Little Bears” type of dessert!
·         Cookie underneath, whatever it is, it is between a graham cracker and a shortbread cookie thing, it is very nice.  (Editor's note - the package says it is graham cracker.)

They have the balance perfectly.  It is small enough to be able to pop it in your mouth if you are a “normal” person, and to provide about 4 delicious bites if you are me!  (This also called for clarification – do you mean if you are an abnormal person??  Yes…)

 I feel I must point out that as you are eating this in bites, if you eat it in bites, is that as you bite down on it little bits of crumbs fall out and you might risk dropping a crumb or two.”

Here is what the insides look like
David would pay five times
this amount for this treat

The lady in the store and the container both mentioned heating one of these S’Mores in the microwave and eating them like that.  David had been afraid to try that.  He said he was afraid that heating them would make the chocolate melt all over his hands and make the insides pour all out…  (I personally think he liked them so much straight out of the container that he could not bothered to get up off of the couch to walk to the microwave…)

I convinced him to try one heated up.  He liked it equally as well as the room temperature version.  I even got a little nibble of a heated up one and it was quite nice. 

If you heat it up it gets a bit gooey!  Yummy.
When I asked him what rating he would give this product he answered with an extremely quick and unequivocable “FIVE!!!!”.  When pressed a bit he said, “They are chocolate.  They are cookies.  What’s not to love??” .  There you have it, folks, a FIVE from the discerning David. 

Price – $4.29

Rating - 5

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