Friday, October 23, 2015

Day 296 - Mini Hold the Cone

Today’s product, Mini Hold the Cone, was recommended to me by Elizabeth, age 5 (AND A HALF, apparently the half is uber important!) and her mom.  Her mom said Elizabeth thought these were great and they thought we should try them.  So of course WE DID.  I mean, Elizabeth is so stinkin’ cute I think I would do anything she said, wouldn’t you?  (Side note – she is also really smart.  This girl is the whole package, friends.)

Elizabeth, the world's cutest reviewer, in action, carefully tasting a cone to prepare for her review....
Here is what our little friend, age 5 ½ had to say about these little ice cream cones:  “I give these a FIVE, because there is chocolate around the edge of the cone!!  And they’re TINY, so you can eat BUNCHES of them!!”.  Ahhh, I am sure this makes her mother so proud…  (Her mom tries to feed her healthy stuff, I wonder if Elizabeth snuck these in the shopping cart…)

David, our second adorable reviewer
Here is what David, age slightly older than 5 ½ had to say about these:  “The chocolate ice cream is good.  The chocolate around it is good, although somewhat thin as a coating.  The waffle cone is kind of chewy to get a bit of, but it does taste just like a very nice sugar cone.  The portion size is a little bit small – I recommend eating 4 or 5 of these for a portion…  And I guess I am usually – I like a cone once the ice cream has MELTED INTO IT a bit more to soften it up, but there isn’t really time for that with these.  I would give it a 3.75.”

The box of cones
Ours were chocolate

And here is what I think (again, I am coming in at a “more mature” age than Elizabeth):  The bottom of the cone has some chocolate dribbled in it to make it solid so that the ice cream can’t dribble through, I like that.  I think the ice cream is good.  The chocolate on the top is fine.  But to me the cone tastes like cardboard.  I love a good sugar cone and this one doesn’t cut it for me.  It is hard to bite and not all that tasty of a cone.  I agree with David that the portion size is small.  I think these would be good if you had little kids and you wanted to control their sugar intake.  I think you could give them one of these and they could eat it and not be bouncing off the walls.  The idea of these pre-made tiny cones is really good, I just wish there was a method to make them without turning the cones into cardboard.  I give them a 3.

David thinks you could serve these at a cocktail party, but I disagree on that one and would instead serve them at Elizabeth’s 6th birthday party.

A shot of our guest reviewer hamming it up for the camera
Overall, I think if you have KIDS this is a good thing to pick up at Trader Joe’s.  They are pretty yummy, fast, and a cute petite size.

I almost forgot to mention what a SWELL NAME this product has.  Trader Joe’s is excellent at puns – Hold the Cone, adorable. 

Not a bad price - there are 8 cones in the package.  The recommended serving size is ONE, but I think both
David and Elizabeth would laugh at that as they each ate half a box of cones.
Sooooo, we have 3 reviewers with vastly different scores.  We have a 3, a 3.75, and a 5…  Since Elizabeth is a kid, and since this is her first review with us, I think HER SCORE should count more than the adult scores.  So I will “blend” the 3 together instead of doing the math and getting an actual average.

P.S. - NEWSFLASH!!  This just in from Elizabeth's mom, DeeLayne, "My PSA for the day:  Beware the mini or fun sized food!  I've recently discovered mini ice cream cones, but they work on the same premise as fun sized candy bars:  you eat about 40 of htem, because, hey, they're tiny!"

Price – $2.99 (works out to .37 cents per tiny cone)
Rating – 4.25 (thanks to Elizabeth :))

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