Saturday, October 24, 2015

Day 297 - Honey Crisp Apple Cider

I have an announcement to make.

Honey Crisp Apple Cider is THE BEST AUTUMN PRODUCT at Trader Joe’s.  Hands down.  The BEST.

My newest love, Honey Crisp Apple Cider (it's an affair rekindled from last autumn...)
Oh sure, you may think, “But Susan!!  What about pumpkin this, or pumpkin that…  Trader Joe’s is chock full of pumpkin flavored stuff this season!!”

Well here is what I have to say about that:  PUMPKIN FLAVOR IS THE KARDASHIAN FAMILY OF THE GROCERY STORE.  It is over-exposed.  It’s toooo popular.  It has become passé and boring.  (Plus it has a big butt, but perhaps I am taking this metaphor too far…)

Butt seriously...

This is the one you want.  Put some in your cart.  Buy it.  Then DRINK IT.
This stuff is insanely delicious.  It is crisp, simple, and delightful.  You can drink it cold for breakfast and it is great.  Or you can heat it up and drink it warm – but if you do that I must warn you that you may well become addicted and “need” it every afternoon or evening…  I speak from experience… (She typed, then paused to take a sip of the steamy hot beverage…)

We went through two bottle of this variety of Honey Crisp Cider and then I decided that, to be fair, we ought to try a bottle of TJ’s Spiced Cider.  The Honey Crisp blows the Spiced stuff out of the water.  I may review the Spiced Cider at a later date, but for now let’s just say, it tries too hard.  Honey Crisp, on the other hand, doesn’t need to try, cuz it is already all that!

Don't pass up a little sample of it if your TJ's has it on offer, but it's even BETTER at home! 
One evening I heated some Honey Crisp Apple Cider up and added a bit of Puerto Rican rum!  That was also good.  Not BETTER than just the plain cider, but good in a different way.  It will be fun to drink it like that on cold winter nights when we have the fireplace going.

If you can only buy one seasonal product this year, get this one.  As a matter of fact, you might wanna just pick up two jugs when you go, because you will get through that first one really quickly. 
This sign didn't match the rest of the signage.  My theory is the stocker was so ecxited to put it out on the shelves
(cuz it is so yummy) that he/she couldn't wait for an official sign to be made.
Price – $2.99 (and worth every penny)

Rating – 5


  1. I'm still a little unclear--did you like it?

  2. Next time you buy a jug, also pick up from the refrigerated section a half gallon of TJ's "Flash Pasteurized Apple Juice." Try them side by side and see what you think. I just tried the latter today, and, as Larry David would say, it's pretty, pretty, pretty good.

    1. Ahhh yes. I do believe that one was my GO TO CIDER last fall. So if you had to choose between the Honey Crisp Apple Cider and the Flash Pasteurized Apple Juice, which one would go in your shopping cart?

    2. Not sure yet. It's been too long since I had the HCAC. My plan is to buy one of each tomorrow and try them side by side.

    3. Cool! Let us know which you prefer.

  3. Nina and I did the side-by-side taste test tonight. I've been sipping the Flash Pasteurized for a few days and liking it. I thought it was going to give the HCAC a run for its money. But my sensory memory had failed me; i.e., I had forgotten how good the HCAC is, and side by side it's not like King Kong vs. Godzilla--more like King Kong vs. Bambi. No contest.

    1. This made us giggle. King Kong vs. Bambi. :) I had a mug full of HCAC this afternoon during a particularly hard time at work - it made the whole day better. Ahhhh.....

  4. OK, I wrote up the comparison taste test, and the review will be posted Friday. Sneak preview: (1) The flash-pasteurized is excellent apple juice, but HCAC is the bestest ever. (2) A year after my original review, I'm upgrading HCAC to my all-time Top Ten list.

  5. Oh excellent!!! Can't wait to read the whole side by side comparison. Please post a link here in the comments after it goes live :).
    And what an HONOR for HCAC to make it to the all-time TOP TEN LIST. (Who got kicked off???)

  6. Nothing got kicked off the list. I consider my Top Ten list to be infinitely expandable as needed. It currently has (I think) 37 items in it. Only small, uncreative minds limit a Top Ten list to ten items.

  7. Top Ten list is here, by the way: