Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Day 294 - Chicken Piccata

This was a very nice dinner!  It is a new product for Trader Joe’s.  I bought it in the refrigerated, not FROZEN, section (near the salads).  But when I came home and unpacked the groceries, oops, I accidentally popped it in the freezer…  So when it came time to cook it, we had to cook it longer than the instructions said. 

New!  The sign SAYS capers, but don't get your hopes up on that part.  I am just trying to keep you from getting crushed.
The chicken was succulent and reasonably tender.  The coating, as David said, was “Light and a bit delicate.  And the SAUCE!  The sauce is LOVELY and there is plenty of sauce!  So I am a big fan of this chicken picatta.”

David is the biggest fan of sauce of anyone I have ever met.  He adores sauce.  If he weren’t already married to me I am sure he would find a way to marry sauce.  And this dish has TONS of sauce – even more than you can put over the two pieces of chicken included!

Would you LOOK at all of that SAUCE???  It was great!  However, one cannot overlook the fact that there are ONLY 4 CAPERS on this plate...  That was half of the capers in the package.  Who votes for more capers?  THIS GIRL!  (Note - we also had tots, served on a differnt plate, cuz this plate was so SAUCY!  :)  )
The packaging says this has 3 servings, but when you open it up you see it is only 2 actual pieces of chicken.  If I was cooking for a family of 3 I think I would expect there to be 3 PIECES of chicken in this container.  The 2 pieces were BIG – for us it would serve 3.  But many Americans eat larger servings than we do, and it just seems a little awkward to have to cut a piece of chicken to make the servings.  Do you know what I mean?

Here is the package.  This one is worth a try - it is good.
I think the meat was good, the breading was good, and the lemony creamy sauce was really nice.  My only beef with this dish (a BEEF with a chicken dish!!) is the lack of CAPERS.  I mean, it SAYS there are capers…  But there were literally, like, only EIGHT teeny tiny capers…  And TJ’s capers are crazy cheap – we go through lots of them!  See the glowing 5 star caper review here  So would it kill them to quadruple the amount of capers they put in this dish?  Note to corporate:  ADD.  MORE.  CAPERS.

We served this with tots, which will be reviewed soon. 

Price – $5.99

Rating – 4.25 (would have been a 4.5 if they would have not been so damn stingy with the capers)


  1. I'm addicted to this product! Very good with a side of pasta. I live alone and I manage 3 meals from this and I agree there are nowhere near enough capers! I always add more.

    1. The good part is that TJ s capers are so CHEAP, so you can get a whole bottle and add lots in!! :-)