Sunday, October 4, 2015

Day 277 - Apple Grape Juice

This juice was first sampled under perfect conditions.  Picture this:

It was a Friday.  We both had the DAY OFF.  We slept in.  The sun was shining.  The kitchen door was open – letting a breeze in.  We lazed around and finally sat down for breakfast at 12:25 PM, a time when “adults” would be eating LUNCH, not breakfast.  We sat down to a delicious spread, which included this Trader Joe’s Apple Grape Juice.  Sounds idyllic… 

David with this juice in the store.  Before we tasted it.
 And yet…

To me – drinking this was like drinking industrial strength airport bathroom cleaning liquid in a cup.  This is not what I want to drink.  It was not good.  It is too perfume-y – it smells fake.  The smell totally put me off.  And of course, you SMELL a juice before you TASTE it.  So to me, it seemed like I had a little juice glass full of public toilet water from O’Hare with my breakfast.  JUST FLUSHED and CLEANED airport toilet water, mind you, but toilet water none-the-less.  And that is NOT what I like to wash my omelets down with.  It was, to say the least, off putting… 

The SMELL then influenced the TASTE, making my taste buds think they were drinking toilet cleaner.  This did not help my appetite.

I did due diligence - I TRIED tasting this juice with my nose plugged.  I STILL didn't like it! 
I would rather drink Trader Joe's plain white grape juice  ( review here ) or much better still, Concord grape juice (that is the bomb!):  (review here).   Heck, if you twisted my arm and said, “Susan you MUST drink a glass of this fake toilet cleaner-scented juice or a glass of actual toilet WATER (without cleaner)!!!” I think I would choose the plain water.  This was that yucky.

David, on the other hand, drank the juice then said, “It’s mild.  Mellow.  Very peasant.  It’s alright by me!”

David, happily drinking toilet water cleaner.
And when I explained the whole “toilet cleaner” thing, David replied, “This is a fiiiiine toilet cleaner!”.

You can keep this toilet cleaner crap.  I bought a bottle of TJ’s Honey Crisp Apple Cider that I adore (to be reviewed soon) and I pushed this gross toilet juice to the back of the fridge (David is still drinking it, ewww.)

"Slightly sweet" my ass!  Slightly GROSS is more like it.  Organic or not, this juice isn't coming home with us again.
Price – $3.99

Rating – 2.25 (this score would be lower, but David likes it...)


  1. Oh, the honeycrisp apple cider is good, good stuff!

  2. I adore the honey crisp. But THIS ONE, not so much.....

  3. Blech!!! I know EXACTLY what nasty smell you mean!
    But you are sooooo right about that honey crisp cider... (I heat it up, add a sprinkle of cinnamon and a touch of rum :))

  4. This juice is too sweet; I have to dilute it with water to make it drinkable.