Saturday, April 22, 2017

French Vanilla Cold Brew

We drank this can of Trader Joe’s French Vanilla Cold Brew on our front porch on a nice, sunny day. 

Pretty can

Our neighborhood had been super noisy all day because they were resurfacing the street out front.  In fact, our house even SHOOK part of the day because the rolling machine also had a “vibrate” function to wiggle and jiggle the new blacktop I guess, and it also wiggled and jiggled our house.  But in the end the noise and the vibrations were worth it because we have now have a nice, smooth street.

A fresh, new street.  Ahhhh.
Anyway, back to the drink.  The 8 fl oz can says the cold brew is made of 100% Arabica coffee.  I bought it a couple of months ago and it got lost in our fridge, but the best buy date is October 8, 2017, so it was still “fresh” when we busted it out.  It was super cold, too, which was good!   I served it with a tasty carrot cake with walnuts donut from our fancy local donut store, Sugar Shack (Sugar Shack website).

Afternoon snack in the sunshine
David’s take on the cold brew: “It is like a coffee flavored Yoo-Hoo drink.  (I, of course, was then curious and asked, “And do you LIKE Yoo-Hoo drinks??” to which he answered, “Not so much…”).   But this is not bad, though, if you like this sort of thing.  It’s not bad actually.  If you like a cold drink, and you want to have coffee, or you wanna have a lot of caffeine going into ya, it’s not bad.  I will give it a 3.5, cuz it does its’ thing quite well and when it is cold it is quite nice.”

David was leery when we bought it...
But liked it better when he drank some

Susan:  Cold brew coffee is trendy, so maybe David and I are just not trendy enough for this stuff…  (Although the day we drank this David did wear a trendy shirt that says, “National Sarcasm Society – Like We NEED Your Support”.)  As far as the coffee, I guess it was good, but it didn’t really taste all that much!  I would like it better if it had a little more coffee punch to it.  I am by no means a cold brew expert – is it always a bit weaker than regular coffee?  I thought it would be the opposite, so my taste buds were surprised.  (David said it like SUN TEA compared to tea made from boiling water, soaking tea bags, then cooling it.)

We usually each just drink one cup of coffee with breakfast each day, but the day we drank this we needed an afternoon pick-me-up.  David had worked hard teaching all day and we were going to a play, so we thought this coffee would help keep us awake.  David also drank some Pepsi with the donut, thus ensuring he had sufficient caffeine to stay wiiiide awake for the show. 

See, if you hold the can the right way you can show passersby how hip you are!
I guess if you are hip and trendy, and if you like to drink cold brew, and if you want people to KNOW you are drinking cold brew, you can HOLD THIS CAN proudly and everyone will know what you are drinking.   Neither of us feel well versed enough in the “art” of cold brew to really rate this product accurately, so I am gonna cheat and just copy David’s score of 3.5.

New Item (well, new a few months ago when we bought it...)
Price – $1.79
Rating – 3.5

Bonus photo for people who look all the way down here to the bottom - us on a night out on the town!
 (Walking to the theatre we happened on this pretty fountain)

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  1. Forget that drink, give me that donut thing.

    You two look really nice in the last picture. Hope you had fun.