Monday, December 5, 2016

Charles Shaw Nouveau 2016

We went to Trader Joe’s a couple of days after “Beaujolais Night” last month (I FORGOT TO PUT IT ON MY CALENDAR THIS YEAR SO WE MISSED IT!).  We went in specifically looking for our favorite Beaujolais Nouveau – Georges Dubouef, but couldn’t find it.  I panicked a tiny bit, “Could we seriously have MISSED IT by just being a couple of days late?  Who hogged cases of it???”  I wondered.  Finally, I gave up and asked, but the employee said she hadn’t seen it and thought they hadn’t gotten any yet.  WHEW!  (Review of 2014 Georges Dubouef Beaujolais Nouveau here , review of 2015 Georges Dubouef Beaujolais Nouveau here )

However, the employee said, they DID have the Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw Beaujolais Nouveau, perhaps we would like to try THAT one?

Our TJ's keeps all the Charles Shaw popular wines on an end cap - easy to grab
Well, at $3.29, who is going to say no to that question?  I mean, sure, lots of people are going to say no – people who assume that any wine under $10 is crap.  And alright, so this one is under $5…  But you know what I mean!  WE were not going to say no, so we grabbed a bottle.  Or two.

And then I found the wine we came in looking for on an end cap, so we threw a bottle of Georges Dubouef in the cart, too!  And off we went.

Only, there were a couple of issues.  The biggest one was:  we were not feeling well.  We both had colds.  David has had his since before Halloween (and this was on November 20th, folks!).  Plus, we were leaving town to go to Omaha for Thanksgiving…  So I didn’t really want to open a NICE bottle of wine (the Georges Dubouef), drink it with impaired taste buds due to colds, then leave a partially filled bottle when we were gone…

So we did the wise thing – we opened a bottle of the $2 Chuck (which is actually $3.29) instead!

Which lead to another problem:  although the woman at TJ’s had called it Beaujolais Nouveau, if you read the label carefully you will notice that the “Beaujolais” is missing and it is simply a “Nouveau”.  But hey, it is red and it was cheap and we had colds, that was FINE WITH US!  Upon furthering questioning (by calling the NYC Trader Joe’s Wine Store) we learned that it is “Nouveau” meaning it is a young wine and that one is a blend of reds. 

Sadly, we forgot to review it that night, so we opened another bottle this week and did our taste test.  By this time, I had developed bronchitis and a double ear infection.  Yeah, not feelin’ so great…  But I hadn’t started my serious meds yet (they were on the schedule for bedtime) so we popped a cork!

We served this Trader Joe’s Nouveau with a leftover salad that had been prepared and not eaten the night before (it had spent the night in the fridge covered in Saran Wrap), a pasta with TJ’s Bolognaise sauce, and a side of Gatorade (classy, no??  But remember – we were SICK).

Here is what we thought:
David: “It seems a bit unfair to review this…  I have a cold, too.  The wine seems quite adequate to the task of not getting in the way of the food, but providing a nice red wine thing to taste.  I think this is a good wine.  I would give it a 4.”

Looking and feeling my best!  I ate dinner while wearing a winter coat and covered in 2 blankets.
But I drank some wine, damn it!
Susan:  I mixed my wine with a bit of cough syrup (not literally), making me hopped up on both alcohol and meds…  Like David said, this wine is good.  It is fruity, bright, and fresh.  If we felt better I think we would like it even more.  But as it stands, I will also give this a 4.

Trader Joe’s only carries this variety during the holiday season, so if you want to try some now is the time to grab it.  We will get a couple more bottles to enjoy once we are healthy again. 

Price:  $3.29

Rating:  4


  1. I got 4 bottles of 2016 Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau from TJ's on 11/17. This year's wine is not as good as last year's, IMO. It has a kind of a herbal undertone that some might like, but I didn't! But it is very drinkable.

    Last Saturday, I still saw a few bottles of it at this location -

    TJ's San Jose - Bollinger (232)
    7250 Bollinger Rd
    San Jose, CA 95129

    1. Sigh, I sadly must AGREE with you (not that I want to DISAGREE, but I so wanted to like the Georges Duboeuf this year as much as I did last year...). I totally agree, it is NOT as good in 2016. We grabbed 3 bottles and thought we would go back for more, but after one bottle I think we will stick with what we have. Sigh.
      Oh well, there is always 2017....

    2. Here is a review of the Beaujolais Nouveau -

      I think it is the "herbal undertones" that made me not like it as much as last year's Beaujolais Nouveau.

  2. The nouveau's vary wildly from year to year - that is their charm. This year's Shaw is quite good - some years it's like turpentine. Think I'll get some more if there's any left.

    1. TOTALLY AGREE! This year's Shaw is better than the Duboeuf! I think grabbing a few bottles of the Chuck is a wise move. :) HAPPY HOLIDAYS!