Sunday, April 2, 2017

Kung Fu Girl Riesling

I have been tempted by this wine, Kung Fu Girl Riesling, before, solely because of the totally kick-ass name and label.  I mean, what woman WOULDN’T want to drink some KUNG FU GIRL RIESLING, right??  But at $9.99, it was a bit more expensive than some other tried and tested wines at TJ's, and I had just never thrown a bottle in my cart.

Until they taste tested it one night while I was shopping…

See, this guy was handing out samples!  Thanks Trader Joe's!
Yes, once again, the Trader Joe’s wine taste testing resulted in a sale (DO YOU HEAR ME BAILEY’S CROSSROADS, VIRGINIA TJ’S??  IT WORKS WHEN YOU STAND THERE AND POUR COMMUNION CUPS OF WINE TO HAND OUT.  DO IT MORE OFTEN LIKE YOU USED TO! )  (Actually, they have leased what used to be the music store space right next door and are renovating it to be a wine/beer area, so maaaaaybe they will be awesome like the NYC Trader Joe’s Wine Shop and have tastings every day!!  Oh please, oh please, oh please…)

But I digress…  I mean, I personally do not do kung fu, but this wine has such a kick ass, strong woman name that it was hard to resist!! 

Here it is, sideways in my cart.  I swear I had only drunk a little tiny cup to taste it,
so I am not sure why I took a sideways photo.
Normally Riesling is not my “go to” wine, but this 2015 from Washington State was GOOD!  It was very nice.  It was smooth and not too sweet.  I drank it with a rice, leek, chicken, green pepper, and snow pea stir fry and it was a very tasty compliment to the dinner. 
This sign says "new" but I think that might be a fib.  Sometimes TJ's says writes new
but they should write "new", cuz actually they have carried the product a while...
I recently heard a great story on the NPR show Freakonomics about drinking cheap wine.  They did blind taste tests with “wine snobs” – like, people who really KNEW about wine.  Well lo and behold, they often could not tell the difference between cheap wine and fancy pants wine.  (link to awesome Freakonomics story here - you should listen to it)  Maybe YOU think you can tell the difference, and maybe you CAN, but I think that most people cannot.  So, if you want a GIRL POWER wine for your girl get together (your girlfriend dinner or your book club perhaps!) – HAVE A BOTTLE OF KUNG FU RIESLING out.  It is a “Nevertheless, She Persisted” wine. 

This wine tastes good.  It is not crappy.  So how is that for an endorsement?

Me, doing my best kung fu in our kitchen
I am reviewing this product by myself.  Oh sure, David had some, but I don’t really even care what he thought about it!  Because, you see, this wine is about STRONG WOMEN.  So, all of you strong women out there – BUY IT, DRINK IT, SUPPORT IT!  (And yes, I realize that it may well be made by a bunch of dudes in Washington, but don’t burst my bubble right now, ok?)  Get it!

Kung Fu Girl Riesling would have been the wine they served at the Women’s March in Washington DC (had they served wine).  The bottles could have worn little tiny pink pussy hats, and all of the marchers would have loved it.  Missed opportunity 😊 .  

My hat, our posters, and the capitol in the background!!
Thanks for knitting the hat, Karen Hoyer!
Here is a bonus clip - short video of the crowd at the Women's March in Washington DC on January 21, 2017.  And yes, I realize the pink hats are controversial.  But you can still enjoy the video anyway - there are some great posters!

Price - $9.99
Rating – 4.5


  1. lol....if I had kicked like that...I would have hurt something!

    Have a good week.

  2. That April Fools story that all TJ stores are closing? For me, not April Fools - the store in Vegas where I've shopped for 18 years is closing - can't think why, it's always busy. They're opening a new one 13 miles away - not practical for me to get to ever. Who wants to go all that way to do groceries?

    I'm very sad, but, honestly, I've seen the quality deteriorate at TJ's over the years - they used to have real bread from a local bakery, now it's all frankenbread - frozen dough distributed from coast to coast - their breads are bad.

    Also not great produce - won't touch lettuce in a plastic bag and I prefer radishes on the stem. Nothing at TJs is fresh. Coffee beans at my local supermarket are cheaper and better. The cheese is great, but the cold cuts are expensive and not that good.

    Also their ridiculous promotions have been bugging me for a while - last year it was mango madness (surprised they didn't have mango toilet paper), now everything is coffee - coffee infused cheese? And don't get me started on pumpkin everything in the fall. They're treating their customers like children. How about just good, honest food?

    I'll miss some stuff, but if they're closing a very busy store, something is up with their business model. Oh, well.

    1. Sorry to hear your store is closing. That is STRANGE - wonder why they would shutter a busy location?? There goes your chance for cheap wine. Sigh.

      I agree about the promotions - PUMPKIN SEASON drives me a little batty. For one, the pumpkin body butter is awful, but for another, HOW MANY pumpkin products can a person consume?? For me, 1 or 2 per season is pleeeeenty. And yeah - the mango craze was bonkers. I talked David into getting some coffee covered nuts the other day during the current COFFEE MADNESS, but I haven't tried them yet.

      Some locations appear to still have local bread, but alas, ours in Virginia do not. Bread is something I don't buy at TJ's because I have never found a loaf there that I love. I DO like their crumpets and bagels, though. :)