Thursday, December 22, 2016

Real Mistletoe - 2016 crop

The things we don't do for you readers...  :)

We purchased another Trader Joe's Real Mistletoe this year.  I mean, we HAD to test it and make sure that it held the same romantic powers as the two previous years' crops, right?  It is all for science, folks!

2016 Real Mistletoe crop - a winner!!
I am happy to report that Trader Joe's Real Mistletoe, 2016 crop is very effective.  It is full of holiday cheer and, most importantly, KISS power.

And it is still very cheap.

Friends Tracy and Vince testing the 2015 crop - 2 thumbs up!
You need it.  Again.  It is something you must renew annually.  (Full disclosure - we also have a silver mistletoe that stays up year round.  It never "goes off".  Cuz you never know when the need for a kiss might hit sometime outside of the holiday season, and you need to be prepared.  I guess you could call us preppers.)

We wholeheartedly recommend you rush out and grab one of these mistletoes at TJ's.  They are an excellent investment.  Here is the complete 2015 review:  Real Mistletoe

Simple package, simple product, great results

It worked in 2014, and it still works to this day (well, I mean this year's crop still works)
Price:  I think it is still $1.99 this year, but however much it is you should invest in one

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