Sunday, October 25, 2015

Day 298 - Charles Shaw Sauvignon Blanc

Wow – I have gone through 10 whole months of reviews, almost 300 days, and only reviewed ONE Charles Shaw wine??!  That seems impossible, since TJ’s is pretty famous for their “two buck Chuck”.  But, like I mentioned when I reviewed the Charles Shaw Pinot Grigio way back on day 43 (see review here ), we really do not buy Charles Shaw wine very often since there are soooo many other great wine choices at Trader Joe’s.

Hey look!!!!  A bunch of Charles Shaw wine!  
But recently David threw this bottle of Chuck Shaw Sauvignon Blanc in our cart.  Heck, at only $3.29 a bottle you can’t really complain even if it tastes horrible, right?

But guess what?  It was really good!!  Like, surprisingly good.  Like, “WHY haven’t we been buying this wine all summer?” good.

Simple label.  Cheap price.  Tasty wine.
This is a 2013 California wine (it sounds funny to me to look at the vintage as if this were some hoity toity $75 bottle at a restaurant…).  It was extremely fruity.  If I had to call the fruits out I would guess grapefruit and peach.  It was very good!  We drank it cold and paired it with a crispy oatmeal chocolate chip cookie J.

David said he felt it was “Remarkably well balanced.  It doesn’t have as much high notes, zingy acidity fruit sparkely-ness as some Sauvignon Blanc might, but I think they got the BALANCE just right.  The only complaint I might have it that there might be a hint of mustiness or earthiness in the aftertaste.  Let me try again…”

Editor’s note:  I feel this was a ploy by David to let him drink more of the wine…

He continues, “It is CERTAINLY acceptable and even delightful.  It is a great all-around simple, white, slightly fruity wine.  I like Sauvignon Blanc and this is a good example of it.”

Could it BE any cheaper??  Not much.
This would be a nice spring/summer wine.  Sit out on the porch or deck and eat dinner…  Sit around a fire pit and talk…  David says you could even turn your heat up during the winter and drink it inside while pretending it was summer…

This is a good wine!  And crazy cheap.  Heck, if you decanted it into a fancy bottle and served it at a dinner party I bet your guests would never know it only cost you $3.29.  Try it!

Price - $3.29

Rating – 4.25

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