Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 287 - Artichoke Ravioli

David balks at the idea of artichokes.  Too much work to eat a whole one, and something turns him off about artichoke hearts (not sure what).  So we do not normally have them.  But last night he went to a play and I opted out.  Instead I went to, wait for it…  TRADER JOE’S!  Hahaha.  (I went other places, too, mind you, I do not live my whole life at Trader Joe’s).  while there I got some ARTICHOKE RAVIOLI and decided to have it ready for dinner when he came home and not tell him what was in it.  Here is his reaction:

Shhh, don't tell David what is in the ravioli...
David:  “These are great!  They were cooked apparently just the right amount of time.  The pasta is delicious and al dente.  They have a FILLING inside them that is sort of, cream cheese-y, ummm, full taste.  Maybe it is RICOTTA and something…  There is no SAUCE on them.  Normally I would think, “Oh, no sauce, I won’t like this”.  I mean, there is a little bit of parmesan and some mushrooms that we cooked but on its own it’s really VERY NICE.  I mean this really would be quite delightful with just some olive oil poured on it.”

AHAHA – GOT HIM!!!  He had no idea it was artichoke!!!  And he LIKED it a lot!

I cooked little portabella mushrooms in olive oil and pumpkin seed oil and put those on top, along with more olive oil and pumpkin seed oil (which, if you have not tried it, is amazing).  Then I topped it all with freshly shredded parmesan. 

These raviolis are really nice.  They are “meaty” (with no meat) without being overpowering.  They taste clean, and fresh.  They would be good to eat outdoors on a summer night paired with a nice white wine. 

Dinner is served!  Artichoke Ravioli topped with mushrooms, olive oil, pumpkin seed oil, and parmesan
 with sides of fresh green beans and TJ's mashed sweet potatoes  
Trader Joe’s has a big selection of “fancy ass” fresh ravioli near the meat and cheese section.  We don’t try a lot of them and one reason is because I am never sure what to put ON them.  I asked a TJ’s employee who seemed pretty new and unsure (had never tried these) and she thought maybe just olive oil.  I think she got it right! 

These are priced really low for what you get.  Brands in other stores (like Buitoni) are more expensive and these are better.  These taste fresher and just overall nicer.

Seriously good price for what you get
Price – $3.49

Rating – 4.5

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