Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Price cut - Basmati Rice

Trader Joe's always has reasonable prices.  Seriously.  You can save money by shopping at TJ's.

But one thing I really respect about the store is that, every once in a while, they CUT THEIR PRICE on something.

They don't have "sales" like other stores do.  They don't have an ad in the Sunday paper like other chains.  But they keep their prices down overall, and, like this sign says, sometimes when THEIR cost goes down, they pass that savings onto you, the customer:

As they say, "When our cost goes down so does our price" - now only $2.99!
I am not naive.  I mean, obviously they are still making a profit, and I want them to!  I want them to stay in business, employing lots of people and filling my belly with (mostly) healthy, great food!!!

But man, when they can sell super delicious basmati rice for only $2.99 a bag???  Yup.  That is when I sorta worship them.  Try finding this much delicious rice for this low of a price somewhere else - it'll be tough.

Last note:  the packaging still sucks.  :)

Original review of TJ's Basmati Rice
Original review of how hard the packaging of said rice sucks:  Packaging Fail

And finally, here is how I feel about scoring a big bag of basmati for under 3 bucks!!

Price:  $2.99
Rating:  still a solid 4.5

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