Sunday, April 3, 2016

Popcorn in a Pickle - IT'S BAAAACK!

Summer must be coming, because POPCORN IN A PICKLE is back on the shelves at Trader Joe's!  Yes siree, the snack that sounds disgusting but is actually very tasty is BACK!  Same weird taste, same price ($1.99).  Check out what we thought of it when we got it last year:

original review here

I saw it on the shelves recently in California, but didn't want to announce it in public here until I checked to see if it was "only a California thing" or if the rest of us were also lucky enough to snag some.  Turns out it is here in Virginia, too, so I am going to declare it POPCORN IN A  PICKLE SEASON!

Here is David last year, he was nervous about this snack...  But after we tried it, turns out, WE LIKE IT!!

If you tried it before, you know the first bite is odd but it gets yummy after that.  If you haven't tried it, go for it.  It is a strange taste sensation and fun to eat!

But get it soon.  Cuz you don't want to be like our friend Tony, and go to get a bag only to find it is G-O-N-E and won't come back for another year...

Sad Tony, no Popcorn in a Pickle to be found...


  1. I got this late last summer; I LOVE pickles (put garlic dill slices on my pb&j's) and I like popcorn.

    It was the very first time in 7 years of shopping at TJ's that I had to use their return policy. Inedibly bad.

    1. :) - it is moments like that when TJ's return policy is very much appreciated! I think Popcorn in a Pickle is a "really like it!!" or "bleck!!!" kind of product. I think I, too, would be on the BLECK end of the spectrum and was very surprised I like it so much! But trust me, we HAVE used the return policy for other TJ's stuff... Not everything is for everybody, that's for sure.