Sunday, November 20, 2016

Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream Trio

Guys - it is THAT time of year.  The special time when all of the "secret" fancy stuff arrives quietly at Trader Joe's.  The stuff that is in super limited quantities and is priced amazingly well.  The time that YOU NEED TO GO SHOPPING both for yourself and for holiday gifts!

I was reminded of this yesterday when I popped into the Bethesda, Maryland Trader Joe's to see if they had any more Valhrona Advent Calendars (which are the bomb and you can and should totally get one if you can still find it - reviewed here:  Valhrona Advent Calendar ).  My local Trader Joe's was already OUT of the fancy advent calendars and said that they were not getting any more in, so I was desperate.  I mean, I HAD to be desperate to be willing to shop at the Bethesda store - that place is NUTS right now.  The parking lot has been under construction for over a year and is a m-e-s-s.  The elevator from the parking lot is turned off (with no "out of order" sign on it so morons like me (and the family who was there at the same time as me) stand there waiting for a "lift" that will never come...).  And the store itself is pretty darn messy and so crowded that you can't even navigate around with a cart.  Let's just say - this is NOT a relaxing TJ's right now...  But I neeeeeded a couple more Valhrona calendars, so I braved the mess and went, and boy was I glad I did!  They had calendars left (some people on my shopping list are lucky!!).

Cuz guys, guess what else they had???  ULTRA MOISTURIZING HAND CREAM TRIO!  And it was such a top secret item that they had just hid it amongst the regular toiletries instead of putting it in the "New Products" display.  And they hadn't even put up a price sign for it!  Nope, there were just a few boxes quietly hidden on a hard to see shelf!  But see them I did!!!  As should you!  Go get yourself a box, and a box or two for friends.  They are super nice and oh so cheap - same low price of $7.99 as last year!

The hand cream feels exactly like something you would get at L'Occitane, which is a fancy ass toiletries store.  Only, at L'Occitane you would pay double the price.  This hand cream smells fantastic and feels amazing.

You.  Need.  Some.

Here is the complete review from last year.    Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream Trio

Read that review quickly, then change out of your pajamas and into street clothes and rush out to Trader Joe's and get some.  If you do not see it, ask, cuz maybe your store is keeping it on the down-low, too and has it squirreled away somewhere!

Price:  still only $7.99
Rating:  still a bright shiny 4.5 star rating

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