Tuesday, November 1, 2016

GET THEE TO A TRADER JOE'S - Important Announcement If You Like Chocolate!

Yes, Halloween was just yesterday.

Yes, Thanksgiving is still weeks away.

And yet, and YET, today I urge you to run to Trader Joe's and get an ADVENT CALENDAR!

David praying to the Valrhona gods, offering thanks for putting out the advent calendars in October.
(We found it in the Reston, VA store - a new store for us!  Details on it soon!)
Crazy early, I know, but don't blame me, I am not the one who already put Valrhona Advent Calendars on the shelves at Trader Joe's!  I didn't put 'em there, I just spotted them!  And of course, I snagged one!!!  AND SO SHOULD YOU!

You need one of these for oh so many reasons.  Let me tout just a few:

1.  Valrhona chocolate is ahhh-mazing.  Seriously delicious, very high quality chocolate.

2.  This is an advent calendar for ADULTS.  Ain't no snowmen.  Ain't no Santas.  Ain't no waxy a** chocolate!  No - each and every day of December until Christmas reveals a delectable, delicious, super good chocolate.

Here is the pretty inside.  It looks just like last year!  So lovely.
3.  It is the SAME PRICE as last year ($9.99), which is crazy cheap for all of the great chocolate you are getting.  

$9.99 in one store in 2015....
$9.99 in another store in 2015

TADA!  STILL $9.99 at the Reston, VA store in 2016!  Thanks Trader Joe's!
4.  On December 24th you get a big candy bar (see photo of inside of the calendar above - check out the 24th!)!  Not one of those little fancy squares, but a genuine full size real life chocolate bar.  (If you want to be kind, you can share it with a friend, but you don't have to.)

5.  It will help you count down the days until Christmas.  "But my family doesn't CELEBRATE Christmas!" I hear some of you saying.  To that I say, DOESN'T MATTER, you still deserve great chocolate!  Here's what you do:  set an appointment for December 25.  It can be to change the filter on your heater.  It can be to polish your shoes.  WHATEVER!!!  Then use this fancy advent calendar to count down to that appointment!  It works for stuff other than Christmas, trust me!!

Attractive photo of us from last year, opening up a day of chocolate in our jammies.
I promise, we have not opened any squares yet this year!
The reason I am posting this so early is because the stores will run out of these.  Soon.  They don't get many of them, and when they are gone, they are gone.  And you deserve one.  Heck, while you are at TJ's pick up a couple of the cheap advent calendars for your kids (I think they are a buck!).  But remember, this fancy Valrhona one is for YOU!!!

Last year this product got 5 well deserved stars (review here:  2015 Valrhona Advent Calendar Review

This year, even before opening a single little window and nibbling a chocolate, I declare it a 5 star winner again!

Price:  STILL $9.99, and well worth every penny
Rating:  STILL a shiny 5 stars


  1. Your review last year made me crave this, but they were already gone. We shop once a week at TJ's and when I spotted the calendar last weekend, I was so happy to snap it up! The cashier also gave it a rousing recommendation.

    1. I am glad you snagged one this year! I bet you really like it.