Monday, September 26, 2016

Tuscan Cantaloupe IN SEASON Again!


Tuscan Cantaloupe - it's what's for breakfast
(Let me be honest with you - I cannot spell cantaloupe without really thinking!  It's a tough one to spell, eh?)

Cantaloupe is not normally my favorite fruit.  David brought one home last week and I noticed it was really making the kitchen smell "canteloupe-y" (perhaps I am trying to break my habit of spelling cantaloupe wrong by spelling it as many times as possible in this post...).  When we ate it, it was super tasty.  And that's when it hit me:  THIS WAS NOT A REGULAR-RUN-OF-THE-MILL-BORING-CANTALOUPE, it must be TUSCAN CANTALOUPE SEASON!!

We found these gems at Trader Joe's last year and they got a coveted 5 star review!  I re-read the review today and it made me giggle - I wrote it when I was a bit ticked at David for grocery shopping without me (we both really like grocery shopping...).  Here is the review from back on day 164 of this project:

Tuscan Cantaloupe Review

You need a Tuscan Cantaloupe.  Get one now, while they are in season.  Once they are gone, the shelves will once again be stocked with little melon sized balls of sorta bland tasting orange stuff. But for now, grab a bit of delicious!

P.S. - I noticed that the original review talked about how David's dad, who I called Mr. Gaines, ate the same breakfast Every.  Single.  Morning.  I can't believe I neglected to include a PHOTO of Mr. Gaines!  He was such a sweeeet man - wise, funny, loving, and smart.  So here he is - MR. GAINES!

David and his DAD
My mom was losing her hair while on chemo, so we shaved our heads in solidarity.
Well, Mr. Gaines didn't shave, he was already bald...  

Mr. Gaines LOVED ice cream.  Actually, he liked all things chocolate...
Here we are after eating ice cream with him (circa 1995)

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