Monday, September 5, 2016

Black Beans - even CHEAPER than before!

I first reviewed Trader Joe's Black Beans (in a can) on July 21, 2015.  They got a good review, which you can see here:

Black Beans Review

At that time, one can of black beans was .89.  As you might suspect, most stores do not LOWER their prices.  I mean sure, they may run a special sale every now and then, but would you really expect a store to LOWER their price and keep it that way???


They CUT the price!!!
The same can of black beans is now a dime cheaper!

Yup - black beans are now only .79!!!  Look, a dime might not be a ton of money to you, but every dime counts, man.  Dimes add UP!  If you eat one can of black beans per month, you would save (let me do the math here...) $1.20 a year!!!!

Good ol' Black Beans
Seriously, I think it rocks that Trader Joe's sees fit to lower their prices sometimes.  When the price of everything else in the world seems to be going UP, it is nice that the humble black bean gets a bit cheaper.

Keep it up, TJ's!!

P.S. - while we are on the subject of BLACK BEANS, do yourself a favor and do not buy the Black Bean Rotini at Trader Joe's, even if they lower the price...  0 star review here (and trust me, 0 stars is hard to get from me...):  Black Bean Rotini Review

Avoid this at all costs

Black Bean Rotini is barfable

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