Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Tiramisu Torte

First off, let me say this:  I MADE A HUGE PARTY FAUX PAS.  I was invited to a Cinco de Mayo dinner (yes, I am THAT FAR BEHIND in reviews, I am writing on September 20th about something I ate on May 5th, don’t judge…).  Anyway, I was invited to a Cinco de Mayo dinner and asked to bring dessert.  Not only did I not bake or make anything, I didn’t even bring anything appropriate for the theme!!!  Yes, I was “that guest” that showed up at a dinner with a boxed dessert from TJ’s, an Italian Tiramisu to be precise.

But, but, butttt, to make matters even worse, it turns out that the party hosts (who I am related to and should know better) are not fans of tiramisu.

Fail fail fail on all fronts, Susan (I say to myself in the third person).  You win the SUCKY GUEST award.

Hey, at least I didn't just bring it over still in the BOX!  As you can see here when you peek
into our fridge, I put it on a very pretty plate (and you can also see that we have a 3/4 empty
bottle of margarita mix and some left over pizza in the fridge...  Charming.)
Ok, now that I have gotten that off my chest, let’s take a look at Trader Joe’s Tiramisu Torte, shall we??  (NOTE – until today when I finally wrote up this review, I thought we had been eating and reviewing Tiramisu, not Tiramisu Torte…  See note at the end of this article.)

It looks pretty on the box, no?
I shared this product with my in-laws, Greg, Joan, and Chris.  I served tiny slices since we had just indulged in lots of tacos for dinner.  Here is what people thought:

Chris:  Chris is a college student who had just returned home for the summer. He is not a fan of coffee (an important element of tiramisu….).  Here is what he thought, “It… Ummm…  It is not BAD….  I am not the biggest fan of coffee and coffee flavors, so naturally I am not THAT keen on it…  But the coffee flavor is not so overwhelming that I can’t continue eating it.  It’s good.  I give it a 1.75.”  (Editor’s note:  for someone who hates coffee, he sure did eat the whole piece of tiramisu.)

Me:  I didn’t choke on this tiramisu, and I have choked on others in the past.  You know that whole thing where you accidentally suck a big breath in just as your fork-load of tiramisu reaches your mouth, and you choke on the powder??  (Crickets…)  Umm, you don’t know that feeling?  Is it just ME then??  Well, this particular tiramisu did not have that weird affect, so that’s a plus.  I like the texture of this dessert – the bottom layer was not what I would call a “normal” tiramisu layer.  I also liked that the dessert had some little chunks in it – little chocolate bits, which tasted good.  The middle layer seemed almost ice cream-ish, almost like an ice cream cake.  It was obviously very easy to prepare.  I like it.  it would be nice to pair with an espresso if you are a coffee lover.  I do think it is sort of expensive when you compare it to other stuff at Trader Joe's.  I give this a 3.75.

As you can see, David thought it was going to be a good dessert.
Sadly, he didn't even get to eat any of it, since he was busy that night and couldn't come to the dinner.
Greg (father of the family also not a coffee fan, which I obviously forgot before I brought this dessert to the gathering):  “It is sweet.  The texture is good.  But it is coffee.  I give it a 2.”  (Editor’s note:  he DID finish his whole piece.)

Joan (mother of the family, liker of coffee):  “There was nothing exactly bad about this, but if you could only eat one dessert, I would choose many other desserts over this…  The best part were the fresh raspberries (editor:  I added those, they do not come in the box 😊 ).  The bottom is like chocolate cake, not the traditional tiramisu layer.  It did not appear to have been SOAKED in coffee.  It was somewhat dry-ish.  The coffee flavor reminded me more of Kahlua than coffee – so more like a coffee syrup.  In general I am not a big fan of tiramisu.  This was not tiramisu-ish, so I thought it would be better for me…  But I would prefer a cheesecake to this.  This looked more like cheesecake than tiramisu actually, though it had a nipple…  (Greg pointed out that the nipple was an indicator that it was mass produced.  The TJ's price tag says it is handmade, so...  Not sure.)  The cocoa powder was the highlight for me.  I would give this tiramisu a 1.”

The raspberries (also from Trader Joe's, of course) made the plates look pretty and were Joan's favorite part.
Ok then…  This tiramisu is made in ITALY.  Maybe this is more like a real ITALIAN version of the dessert?  It is hard to know what to give the product overall, since most of the taste testers were not fans of the ingredients, let alone the final product.  But I think the fact that I, someone who likes tiramisu, and Joan, someone who may not be the biggest tiramisu fan but a lover of coffee, both were not bowled away by this dessert says something.  I am not going to score this with a mathematical average of all reviewers because that seems harsh, but I am going to take all viewpoints into consideration before slapping on a final number.

Also, now that I look at the photos I took, I see this is not called TIRAMISU, it is called TIRAMISU TORTE…  So obviously, that explains why it didn’t seem like “regular” tiramisu and we were looking at it thru the wrong lens!!!

Does that fact negate our reviews??  Perhaps…  But I still think our opinions were pretty clear – this isn’t a “must eat” dessert, no matter what you call it.  whether you are counting calories or counting pennies, I would use your diet and your money in another manner…

Price tag

Price:  $6.99

Rating: 2.75

Friday, September 15, 2017

Discontinuing Products Sucks

I fully understand that Trader Joe's cannot carry EVERYTHING all the time.

Trust me, I get that!!  The stores would have to be huge ("These stores are yuuuuge, the yuuuugest stores you have ever seen...").  

But I just need to take a teeny tiny moment to WHINE, to complain, to bitch about something:  WHY DOES IT ALWAYS SEEM LIKE THEY DISCONTINUE THE GOOD STUFF???

Most recently I was sad to discover that the amazing condiment WASABI MAYONNAISE is no longer on the shelves.  Wasabi Mayo is gone!!  And that sucks.  Cuz it was really a special product, one that I have never gotten anywhere else.  It was the bomb smeared on white bread with some cheese and lunch meat - made the zingiest little sandwich on the planet.  

This.  THIS is how I feel when I go to Trader Joe's to get Wasabi Mayo and find it is DISCONTINUED.  As my mom used to say, "I wanna wring somebody's neck!".  (Now that I think about it, that was a pretty mean thing of my mom to say...)
Here is the original review of Wasabi Mayo (may-o it rest in peace...):  Wasabi Mayo Review

But nooooo, Trader Joe's had to go and ruin it.  Sigh.

Other notable discontinued products that I loved are Sambal Matah Sauce and Bollywood Popcorn (reviewed here:  Bollywood Popcorn ).  They keep the CRAPPY stuff (did someone say "Inner Peas" - Inner Peas review  and "Black Bean Rotini" - Black Bean Rotini review ) and they get rid of the super unique, interesting things.  It is just frustrating sometimes.

Did you like Bollywood Popcorn?  TOO BAD FOR YOU!
Cuz they stopped selling it.  Boo hiss.

But THESE crappy things, oh these are still on the shelves...

Oh, and course you can still get the barf inducing Black Bean Rotini...

And yes, before you lecture me, we COULD get a jar of regular mayo and mix in wasabi, like the TJ's guy told us to do.  But realllllly, when Trader Joe's could just SELL US A REAL JAR OF WASABI MAYO, should we have to DIY it???

Thanks for letting me vent.  Please comment below and tell me what products Trader Joe's discontinued that YOU loved!!  Maybe it we all get our gripes out here we will feel a wee bit better.  

P.S. - we also really liked TJ's Sambal Matah sauce.  Heck, they didn't even carry that delicious jar long enough for me to review it!  

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Mango and Sticky Rice Spring Rolls

I believe I have a new favorite dessert.  Oh man these Mango and Sticky Rice Spring Rolls are GOOOOOD!  (Note:  for the rest of this review I will call these things Sticky Rice and MANGO, not Mango and STICKY RICE.  Cuz even though the box lists the mango first, in my mind this food is always sticky rice first...)

This is the box.  Go to Trader Joe's.  Find it in the freezer section.  Get one.  NO - get two!!
Sticky rice and mango is my go-to dessert when we eat in Thai restaurants.  Trust me, I always check the menu to see if they have it before we even order our meals.  To me, it is the perfect dessert.

So, when I saw this box of Sticky Rice and Mango Spring Rolls in the freezer section at Trader Joe’s, let’s just say I got a wee bit excited.  And my excitement was correct – these rock.

Get.  Out!!!  Mango and Sticky Rice SPRING ROLLS???  
I cooked them by frying them in 2 Tablespoons of oil, which is one of the 2 cooking techniques listed on the box.  I thought if we were having spring rolls, I wanted them to be nice and crispy, so it was worth stinking up the house a little bit with oil frying.  I kept them in the oil (stove on medium) for about 5 minutes and kind of obsessively turned them over each minute (cuz, see above, I was excited).

When they were browned and had rested on my plate for one minute, I dug in.  And let me tell you – these are perfect.  They are an amazing combination of spring roll savory-ness and sticky rice and mango deliciousness.  They are not really sweet, only slightly sweet.  The crispiness of the spring roll is in perfect contrast to the stickiness of the rice.  There is not a ton of mango in them, but there is enough to make your mouth super happy.

Here is what they looked like after being cooked.  My mouth is watering just looking at the photo...
They are just so good!!!  For me, these would make an amazing breakfast (don’t judge, you granola and yogurt eaters).   Be sure to eat them warm – they will make your belly sing.

I will definitely buy these again.  I fear they will be short lived at Trader Joe’s, they seem like quite a niche item.  But they are right in my niche, baby!!!  I give these a solid 5 star rating.

Here is what my sweetheart thought after he had a couple of bites, “Very nice.  I love the crispy exterior of the spring roll and the way it plays off of the chewy sticky rice inside.  The mango gives it just the right amount of flavor.  I am not sure quite where to place this – whether it is a dessert or a main food item…  Maybe it is a side dish?  Perhaps an appetizer?  Anyway, I am gonna give these a 4.75.”

Well, since this is my blog and my score should count a bit more than David’s, I am giving this product a final rating of a 5!!  Cuz that’s how I roll.

New product!  Please keep this TJ's...  Don't flake out on me and call these "seasonal" please.
Price: $2.99 (shhh, please don’t tell Trader Joe’s, but I for one would pay more for these suckers!)

Rating:  5

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Cocoa Filled Pinwheel Cookies

The picture of the cookie on the front of this box is so pretty – it is a big white and brown pinwheel made to look like a hot air balloon.  My eyes were attracted to it, but I must confess that I got nervous when I read the description: “Light and crisp cocoa and vanilla cookies (that part sounds great to me) filled with a cocoa cream”.  Ahhhh, the “cocoa cream” made me nervous.

·         Would it be gloppy??

·         Might it be runny?

·         Worse still, would it taste like NUTELLA (which I know I am “supposed” to like but think tastes disgusting)???

I was thinking all of these things when I showed the box to David, and he said we should get ‘em.  So, we popped them in our hand basket.

The box - isn't it pretty?
As we shopped, I asked a TJ’s employee named Paul if the rumor I had heard online about one of my favorite products being discontinued was true.  He researched it for me – more news on that in a later post.  But we got to talking to him, so I asked if he had tried these new cookies.   He said he had not, but suggested we open the box right then and there to test them out!! 

Did you know Trader Joe’s is known for that?  If there is ever a product that you are not sure if you want or not, just ASK.  They seriously will open it for you and let you TASTE IT in the store.  That way you know if you want to spend your hard-earned dollars on it or not!  And they don’t even make you feel like a mooch or a cheapskate for doing it, they open it happily so you can taste.

NEW cookies at Trader Joe's - gotta try 'em!
So anyway, Paul busted that box of Pinwheel cookies open for us and we each grabbed one.  Then we started sharing them with everyone around – employees and fellow shoppers alike.  I mean, if the box is OPEN we should all TRY THEM, right?

Here is my opinion:  as you might have guessed from my comments above, I was nervous about the FILLING of these cookies.  The outside sounded delightful, but the filling had so many ways it could go horribly wrong in my opinion.  I thought it might taste fakey, or be gooey and yucky.  But when I tasted it - I liked it!  it is a really good filling and is not messy at all.  It tastes yummy!!!  The filling is buttery without being runny.  I think this cookie would pair well with a cup of tea or coffee.  

Also, these are very, very pretty cookies.  If you were putting together a plate of cookies to bring to some event and you didn’t have time to bake (or if you were going to drop a little white lie and pretend like you baked, which I would not do, cuz you are gonna get caught…) …  Anyway, what I mean is, these pinwheels would look lovely laid out on a pretty plate!  I give them a 4.25.

Is that not an amazingly beautiful sight??
My black and white plates are perfect for displaying one of these suckers!
And here is what David thinks of these cookies:  “Very good.  Nice.  Very fragrant cookie.  Crunchy, but not too crunchy.  Buttery.  And on the inside the filling is like chocolate frosting, but a very nice chocolate frosting.  The cookie is on the dry side so I can imagine eating it with a cup of tea, but the filling is pleasantly buttery.  I give these cookies a 4.25.”

This is BEFORE he even tried them!  He was already excited.
One of the shoppers who took a cookie was a woman who came up to me to complain that she had, “Walked 2 miles to get brussels sprouts and you are out of them!”.  First, I clarified quickly that I did not work for Trader Joe’s, so she needn’t file her complaint with me.  Then I offered her a cookie, which she took and ate while sipping her little cup of TJ’s sample coffee.  She LOVED these pinwheel cookies!  I think they made her walk to the store worth it!  She went on about how delicious they are, and at one point leaned in and whispered to me, “These are better than sex!!”. 

Well there ya have it!!!  Better than sex!  (Note:  those were her words, not mine.  I do not think I would go that far for this particular cookie.  But to each his/her own.)

I asked if I could take her photo to put in this blog, but she declined.  She said she felt like a mess, having walked and had no make-up on and was wearing her glasses.  I understood, but asked for her name to be included here.  She hemmed and hawed, making it apparent to us that whatever name she was eventually going to blurt out would not be her actual name.  Then she explained, “I went to pharmacy school.  But IF I could sing, and IF I could dance, I would be on Broadway!!!  And if I was on Broadway, my stage name would be Peaches La BoomBoom” (the proclamation of her stage name came with an elegant Bob Fosse pose, of course!).   I didn’t ask for her official 0 – 5 point rating, but I think it is safe to say that Peaches would give these cookies a solid 5. 

Obviously, this is not the shopper who tasted cookies with us.  But doesn't this stock photo
of a burlesque dancer look like her name should be Peaches La BoomBoom???
All of the other shoppers and employees we shared them with liked them, too.  Granted, not as much as Peaches La BoomBoom, but still, they were a hit!

Final note – they are really reasonably priced, too.  The box is $1.79 and I think there are 9 cookies, making them only about .20 cents each. 

Price:  $1.79

Rating (average of scores from me, David, and our new friend Peaches La BoomBoom):  4.5

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Baked Figs with Bacon, Cheese, and Roasted Nuts - MAKE THIS!

This is NOT a recipe blog.  I think that is quite apparent in that, of the 445 entries I have written here, there are only a couple of recipes that appear…  But guys, I have one that I have to share!  You are going to thank me for it (if you make the dish that is).
The baked FIGS in the foreground is what you need to make!
But first, a little bit of background.

I like to call David and I “Urban Farmers”.  We live in an urban area, but have a coveted corner lot, meaning YARD SPACE!!  We choose to fill that yard space with STUFF TO EAT – that is, growing fruit and veggies.  We grow these items at our Virginia home:

·         Pears

Pear "in the wild" on our tree!
      ·         Peaches (on a tree named Peachy, naturally!)
Sometimes it is temping to eat peaches right off the tree, but it is best to wait until they are full grown and ripe...
·         Blueberries (this is not true anymore, because we let the bushes get taken over by weeds and strangled, but we WILL grow blueberries again, I swear…)
Don't tell the neighbors, but one year I picked the 1st blueberries of the season on my
birthday before I even had a shower and got dressed!
·         Strawberries (in an old pallet I turned into a strawberry patch!)
This was taken the first year I put in the "strawberry pallet garden" - it is more lush now
·         Figs (on a tree given to us by a stranger who came to our yard sale one year and complimented our peach tree, then went home and came back with the gift of a small fig tree he grew!  We have named it Pudding and it is thriving in our yard!)
PUDDING!  She is loaded with figs this year.  They turn brown when they are ripe.
·         Tomatoes
This is the tomato we had for dinner the night we made the fig recipe, deeelicious
·         Eggplant (pretty striped ones this year, from a plant gifted to us by a kind neighbor)
Produce from the garden, including an eggplant, from last year.  I don't have a
picture of the pretty striped one yet!
·         Hot Peppers
·         Green peppers
·         Lettuce
·         Basil (which did not make it this year…  We were not in town to tend the garden, and the automatic watering system we set up took care of a great crop of WEEDS where it should have been nurturing basil…)
Our annual PESTO MAKING DAY a few years ago - loads and loads of basil!  
·         Parsley (which, sadly, suffered the same fate as the aforementioned basil)

And at our “get-away” beach house in Florida, we grow:
·         Myer Lemons*
·         Persian Limes*
·         Tangerines*
·         Honeybells*
·         Grapefruit*
Farmer Dave with TRIXIE, the magical fruit cocktail tree
·         Papaya (The tree, named Shania, was grown from a SEED!  Our neighbor Carol sprouted several and gave us one.  It has grown really well, but sadly, hers all died…  Awkward…)
Farmer Dave with Shania
Papayas on the tree

·         Bananas (these are actually on a tree that is between our house and our neighbor’s.  We didn’t plant it, but I am not sure they did either…  It maybe just magically sprung up.  And the house is  rental, and just got rehabbed and flipped, so let’s face it, whoever ends up renting it is not gonna know if those bananas are theirs or ours, so I think it is fair that we try and eat a few, don’t you?)

Don't bananas on the tree look BIZARRE??
*All the tropical fruits listed above with an *ASTERISK* grow on ONE TREE – a magical tree we have named Trixie the Fruit Cocktail Tree!  She is a “hybrid”, growers grafted branches of different fruit trees onto one trunk.  The end results is, voila, TRIXIE!!!

The reason I have given you all of this background on our “farms” comes down to this:  FOOD TASTES BETTER WHEN YOU GROW IT YOURSELF!!!  No lie.  That’s not “fake news”, it is true, man!!!  An heirloom tomato picked, washed, sliced, and gobbled up is the best part of summer really.

So now that we are back in Virginia and settling back into “real life”, we are reaping what we sowed.  And boy is it yummy!!!  So, for dinner the other night, we cooked:  couscous (we did not grow this…) topped with mushrooms and garlic (we also did not grow those), eggplant (from the garden, sliced and cooked in the George Foreman grill), an amazing tomato (from the garden of course) sliced and served with salt, baby broccoli (broccolini) (from Trader Joe’s – reviewed here: Baby Broccoli Review and cooked with olive oil, juice from a Meyer Lemon from our tree, and TJ's Umami Sauce (not yet reviewed) ) and an AMAZING FIG RECIPE David found online!  And that finally brings me to the point of this piece:  YOU NEED TO MAKE THIS RECIPE!

Our dinner plate - the figs were the STARS!
David found the recipe on a website called

Baked Figs with Bacon, Blue Cheese, Roasted Nuts
Serves 4   Total time 30 minutes

·         About 8 fresh figs, cut lengthwise in half (ours were from our fig tree, of course!)
·         4 slices cooked bacon, cut into small pieces (3 slices was enough for us, and we used the world’s most amazing bacon, from TJ’s of course, reviewed here: Black Forest Ham Review  )
·         3 – 4 ounces blue cheese or goat cheese, softened and crumbled (we used our favorite feta we have found outside of Greece, TJ’s feta in brine, reviewed here:  Feta in Brine Review )
·         2 Tablespoons finely chopped roasted nuts (pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc) (we used some amazing praline pecan bit we scored at “Peach World” in Georgia recently)
·         2 Tablespoons honey

·         Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.  Line a sheet pan with parchment paper.
·         Place cut figs on the lined sheet pan.  If any of the figs do not sit level, make a small flat cut across the bottom of the fit so that it sits flat when you add the toppings. 
·         Top the figs with the crumbled cheese and bacon.  Press the nuts into the cheese to help keep them from falling off.  (Note from Chef David – also try pressing the BACON into the cheese to keep it from falling off.)
·         Bake the figs for 10 -15 minutes or until they are soft, or to your desired texture, and the cheese is melted.  After removing from the oven, drizzle with honey.
·         Enjoy the figs warm or at room temperature.  Serve as an appetizer or spread them on toasted bread.  Serve with your favorite glass of wine (we served them with a lovely Trader Joe’s white wine, Monique (not yet reviewed).

You guys – MAKE THIS.  It is fast and simple, but amazing!!  So delicious!!!  It tastes (and looks) like something you would pay $40 for at some fancy schmancy restaurant, only you make it in your own kitchen and then watch crap reality tv while eating it!!  Perfect!

Enjoy these last few days of summer.  The seasons are changing far too quickly for my liking, but I will keep eating garden tomatoes and pretending it is still summer for as long as I can. 


Saturday, August 19, 2017


Get.  Out.

You guys - TRADER JOE'S IS 50 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!

Celebration sign at our local Trader Joe's (they also had balloons!)
Honestly, we had no idea.  I am just so thrilled to be back in the land of TJ's (home in Virginia after a long time away), so we went to the store closest to home, in Clarendon, VA.  Look what we saw before we even got on the elevator in the parking garage:

Party at Trader Joe's??  That elevator couldn't come fast enough!!!

And I tell you, Trader Joe's Clarendon knows how to party!  For starters, they have a guy named GARY who works there who is a musician and he performs!  Like, IN THE STORE!!!  We were lucky enough to see him singing one other time and it was great.  Sadly, today we were there at the wrong time, but he was setting up as we left and he gave us a sneak peek at his set list:  all songs from 1967!!!  (Get it??  50 year anniversary, songs from 50 years ago...  Gary is clever that way!!) We are going to try and go back tomorrow and see him play.

They also are having a drawing where we miiiight win a great give bag full of TJ's merch or a gift card (fingers crossed...).

Also super cool, the employees all had 50 year TJ's t-shirts.  But ULTRA COOL was Kara, who went out of her way to totally bedazzle the hell out of her shirt!

Each letter is BEDAZZELED!  Seriously, I love it.  Adorable!

She even blinged up the BACK!

Seriously, the shininess of the shirt helped with the party vibe!!!

And guess what??  There are items on sale for .50 cents!!!  I mean, wowsa!!!

2 days only - 50 cent stuff!

For .50 cents each we got:

A baguette (which we are taking with us for a pre-show picnic when we see the remarkable David Sedaris perform tonight!).

Ooooh lala - a cheap baguette!
Get it while you can!
A mango.

Now that's CHEAP!

You HAVE to have spaghetti in the cupboard at all times, right?
Get some while it is on sale!
3 avocados (.50 cents each) which David was so psyched about that he juggled them.

Wheeeee!  AVOCADOS!

And, get this, we got a dozen eggs, normally $1.29, BUT TODAY AND TOMORROW FIFTY CENTS!

Looks like we were not the only ones grabbing eggs
Now, I can't promise you that YOUR Trader Joe's will have these same items on sale.  Apparently each store is having special deals on different things.

And I certainly can't promise you the dulcet tones of Gary (cuz there is only one Gary...) or the blingy shirt of Kara (again, only one Kara...).  But I still say - YOU NEED TO GO TO YOUR TRADER JOE'S TONIGHT OR TOMORROW (August 19th and 20th, 2017) TO CELEBRATE 50 YEARS OF JOE.

Cuz you know as well as I do, that deserves a party.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Organic Roasted and Salted Valencia Peanuts

I like peanuts, but not like DAVID likes peanuts.  I mean, David pretty much adores peanuts.  I am not sure what it is about them, but his eyes light up when he sees them in the store 😊 .  And that is why I am letting HIM review these nuts and not me.  Cuz he is the PEANUT EXPERT in our household.  I mean, just LOOK at that smile on his face the day we bought these Valencia Peanuts – he is in love and he hasn’t even opened the package yet!!

David, lovingly holding a bag of peanuts he has never tried before

 Alas, the love was not to last.  Here is his review:

Valencia Peanuts
“Well, these may be organic, and they may say they are ‘roasted and salted’, but my opinion is they are not roasted or salted enough.  So, I would say: these are tasty enough if you like kind of raw-ish peanuts.  I am gonna go ahead and roast ‘em a bit more.” 

(Susan here:  well having to roast them yourself seems like a boatload of extra work for peanuts you buy to just eat out of the bag while you are drinking Pepsi and watching engrossing tv such as, “Undercover Boss” (please note the sarcasm intended in using the phrase “engrossing tv” with this show…), which, by the way, has totally jumped the shark and had a ridiculous episode on last night!  Did you see it?   The head of a company we had never heard of, Armando Montelongo, was on, and his “disguise” was hilarious!!!  He looked like he was wearing a really cheap Halloween costume from the Dollar Store!  But I digress…  Let’s get back to David’s review.)

THIS was his "disguise".  You tell me ANY employee would be tricked by this.
I mean, I think the guy next to him on the subway would know it was a costume!!  I sure would.
David:  “I will either roast and salt them myself, which does sound like a lot of work, or I might just keep eatin’ them…”

Susan:  I notice that these have the red skins on them like the ones you love, Spanish peanuts, in the blue can made by Planters.

David:  “I DO like the skins, but these are not as tasty as the canned Planter’s red skin nuts.  Maybe I will throw these in some dish where I fry them up in a stir fry or something.  I would like these, but they are not roasted and salted enough.  I will give these a 3.5.”

Indeed, left to his own resources, David would most certainly just "keep eatin' " these peanuts.
Susan:  I must point out a hilarious thing about the packaging for these Valencia Peanuts.  Look at the note by the nutritional label:

A bag of peanuts "CONTAINS PEANUT".  You don't say....
What???  They have to write, in bold letters, “CONTAINS PEANUT”.  Look, I am not one to say that the world is too “politically correct”.  I, in fact, do my best to conform to the currently preferred terminology for stuff and wouldn't be surprised if behind my back folks call me a "snowflake".  But do they REALLY need to write that a package of PEANUTS, a SEE-THROUGH bag of PEANUTS, contains PEANUTS???  I guess it could be worse, it could say, “May contain peanuts”.  I would just hope that if someone is allergic to peanuts, they would know to steer clear of a product named “Valencia Peanuts” without having to check the packaging to see if it “contains peanuts”.   I’m just sayin’…

Not expensive, but also not roasted or salted enough.
Price: $2.99

Rating:  3.5