Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Cinnamon Sugar Muffin and Baking Mix

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I am writing and posting this review on February 14th, but the product being reviewed has nothing to do with the holiday.  Even so, may your day be full of love, hugs, and chocolate (if you are into those kinds of things).

Now for the review.  I found this box of Cinnamon Sugar Muffin and Baking Mix on a Trader Joe’s “end cap” (that’s the big display at the end of an aisle for those of you who have never worked retail 😊 ).  The picture on the package looked like a tasty muffin, so I grabbed a box and made them on a recent Sunday morning.  (I say “morning”, but on days that my partner and I both have off of work, “morning” can be any time we are still in our robes and sitting down to coffee and breakfast.  On lazy days it is usually past noon.  😊 ). 

THIS is an end cap.  Lovely!

Good signage, too

The box has two versions – muffins or coffee cake.  I made them as muffins.  Here is what we thought of them:

David:  “I am gonna give these a 5.  The taste is great!  I would recommend slicing them in half and then re-dipping them in the melted butter and cinnamon sugar (editor’s note: that muffin eating style may not be the healthiest of choices but it is a delicious and creative option).  The taste is good.  The texture is good.  The amount of butter, cinnamon, and sugar is delightful!  Plus, they are very easy to make – you just get up in the morning and your girlfriend has already made them for you!!”

Muffins, espresso, grapefruit, fresh squeezed OJ, and the Sunday morning Washington Post. 
David in his "happy place". 
My take:  Even though I was the one who actually made them, I agree with David that they were easy to prepare.  All you need is water, one egg, and butter.  They are easy to mix, too.  You know how some muffin mixes are all lumpy when you mix them up?  This one was not like that.  One baking note though:  the box says to melt 6 tablespoons of butter (which is used to dip the baked muffin tops in before rolling them in the cinnamon sugar).  I had 5 tablespoons of butter handy, so used that, and it was more than enough.  I would say start with 4 or 5 tablespoons then melt a bit more if you need it.

These muffins and PRETTY and TASTY, a good combination
I will buy these again.  They would be good to make if you are having people over for breakfast or brunch.  I like that they are not toooooo sweet as some box muffin mixes are. That might be because these, being from Trader Joe’s, have more natural, “hippy” ingredients.  The box says these, “…make a light and fluffy muffin with the flavor of a donut,” which we agree with.  The texture of the muffins is terrific – they have a fluffy quality and are not as dense as some muffins are.  TJs also says these are, “A perfect combination to a cup of joe or alongside a scoop of vanilla ice cream”.  We paired ours with cups of joe (and I drank mine our of my new espresso cup!).

My new espresso cup was the perfect compliment to these muffins
The box says it makes 12 muffins, I got 10 (which I guess only proves that I put more batter in the muffin cups than they expected me to).  I am going to agree with my Valentine and give these muffins a 5 star rating, too.  I am not sure if they are a seasonal item or if TJs will continue to carry them, but I recommend picking up a box soon.  They are tasty!

Bonus cheesy kissing photo for Valentine's (which was actually TAKEN on Christmas,
making the whole thing a bit confusing really...)
Price:  $2.99

Rating:  5 stars

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Fruit Fancies

If you are new to Trader Joe’s, you may not know about HOLIDAY PRODUCTS.  Oh, November and December are magical months at Trader Joe’s!!  Products appear on the shelves that you have never seen before (or at least haven’t seen since last holiday season)!!  The die hards (like me) rush to Trader Joe’s as soon as word gets out that the holiday items are trickling in.  And each trip to the grocery store turns into an exciting journey – what will I find this time?  What will be new?  What special treat will make its way into my cart???

It was in that holiday haze that the FRUIT FANCIES made their way into our lives. 

Aren't they pretty?  And don't they look FANCY?  I mean, the word FANCY is right there in the NAME!
Do you think the sign maker at the Fairfax Virginia store had tasted these and KNEW they were not fancy, thus made them this pretty non-fancy sign?  That's my theory.  It was a SIGN...  A sign I should have paid attention to...
What can I say, I was smitten???  They looked good to me for some reason…  Sure, they seemed sort of like “Grandma and Grandpa” treats.  Or like little rolled up turds covered in sesame seeds and coconut.  But the BOX – oh man – the BOX they came in was lovely!  It had dovetailed corners!  The box is what sold me.  That, and the fact that we were heading to Omaha to celebrate the holidays, and we would be staying with my dad and his wife, who are not only Grandparents, they are Great-Grandparents!  So even if this treat was “Grandparent food”, we would be sharing it with actual grandparents, so all would be good!

I asked my dad to make a funny face.  He did.  I love it.  
Only, we never got around to eating them in Omaha…  So, they came back, unopened, then made their way to Florida!  “We will bring them next door and share them with the neighbors,” I reasoned.  Only, you see where this is going, we didn’t do that either.

Christmas Day 2017 - too busy to be bothered by Fruit Fancies...
So, before you know it, it was the last day of January and the Fruit Fancies were still unopened.  But after we ate dinner while watching “Amazing Race” (go team Brainiacs!) , David ripped into these special treat, and, well, they ended up being not so special after all…   Oh, and before you say, “Susan, of course they tasted like %&*#, they were a HOLIDAY ITEM and you let them sit until almost February!  They were too old!” – N-O.  They didn’t expire until 11/18. 

OK, here is what we thought of them:

David:  “Well, these are different.  They are like Fig Newtons that have even less moisture in them, and perhaps a little extra fiber.  They are dry.  The mouth feel is not a joy ride for me.  These things suck the moisture right out of your mouth!  I give them a 1.  The reason I am not giving them a 0 is that they do not taste bad, they just do not taste good.  The box is alright, but it is a little skinny to use for anything else.  I have to respect the dovetail jointing.”

David didn't fancy these, did fancy them at all.  
Susan:  I am just gonna say it – I was duped by the wooden, dovetailed box.  They punked me!  I think the term for this type of duped is “The Hickory Farm Effect”.  You know how Hickory Farms always had (is it has – does PF still exist in the MALL SETTING where they had special displays of meat and cheese for the holidays?) really attractive PACKAGING?  Like, “Put it in a basket, then the dyed orange cheese with pimentos and nuts will sell!!”.  Yeah – Trader Joe’s Hickory Farmed me with this one! 

The treats looked very pretty in the packaging.  Each one was topped with a whole nut on top – some with almonds and some with walnuts.  The things that “encrusted” each piece – sesame seeds or coconut – looked lovingly applied.  Each piece looked like a fancy, Mediterranean delight.  To my EYES, they looked like they would taste a bit exotic, sweet, a bit juicy, perhaps fig-like, and yummy.

But EYES are not what actually TASTE things… 

These are a product from Turkey.  But they are not “from Turkey” in a sexy, romantic, exotic kind of way.  They are not good.  I ate 2 – one of each variety.  I thought David ate ONE, but later learned he could only stomach ¼ of 1 and threw out the rest (that man never throws out a sweet!!). 

The NUT on top of each piece was nice, but there was only one nut per piece.  I guess a person could just pop the nut off the top of each one and eat only that, but it would be easier and cheaper just to head over to the TJ’s nut aisle and get yourself a whole bag of nuts.  I will give this product a 1.5 (the majority of the score is for the cool box and the nuts on top).
Sorry Trader Joe's, we don't really want these anymore....
Let this be a lesson to me (and to you): not ALL Trader Joe’s holiday products are lovely.  Even the pretty ones are sometimes duds.  Luckily, Trader Joe’s happily accepts any returns, so we took this back.  Our cashier saw the return and said, “Oh yeah, I didn’t like those things either…” 😊

You can’t get this product at Trader Joe’s right now since it was seasonal, but if it does come back next year, I suggest you pass.  Grab some of the other delightful items, and leave them for some other sucker to get Hickory Farmed.

Price:  $5.99 

Rating:  1.25

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Updated Review: Authentic Greek Feta in Brine

Well folks, it doesn't happen often, but it is happening today.

A Trader Joe's product is getting a BUMP UP in the number of stars it got on my original review!

And not only is it getting a BUMP UP in stars, it is going from 4.75 stars to the elusive 5 STAR REVIEW!!!!  Can I get a round of applause for Trader Joe's Authentic Greek Feta in Brine please??

So excited about this feta that we are JUMPING!   (OK, that was really us jumping in front of the
Supreme Court because a decision came down that we were psyched about, but still, the jump fits...)
Here's the scoop:  WeLoveFeta.  As cheeses go, feta is super high up on our list.  And this Greek Feta in Brine from Trader Joe's is, as Oprah might say in her sing-songy voice, Ahh-Maahhhzzz-Zing!  The only thing that kept it from getting a 5 star review the first time 'round was the crappy packaging it was in.  Original Authentic Greek Feta in Brine review here

Our household is not divided by gender.  We are a home of 2, David and I, and we don't divide roles up by "male" and "female".  We both cook.  We both grocery shop.  We both clean...  Wait, who am I kidding, neither of us cleans...

But OPENING THE FETA, sigh, opening the feta has been a "male task" at our house since we got addicted to this TJ's feta in brine.  I could not open that dumb container for the life of me!!  It had a little plastic bit you had to bust off, I could do that.  But then the rest of the opening was IMPOSSIBLE for me.  At first I thought it was just because I had long fingernails (so sue me, I didn't want to bust a nail).  But I have also tried opening the containers when I had very short nails, and that was a fail, too. So each and every time I wanted to eat feta (which, let's face it, was often), I had to call David into the kitchen to open the dumb package.  Laaaame!!!

But Trader Joe's must have heard my frustration (ok, they likely did not read it here, but maybe they sensed it magically, or maybe I was not the only one to hate the packaging).  THEY CHANGED THE PACKAGE!

The new one is oh so nice!!!  I just opened it and made a big ol' salad, and David is not even home!  :)  I feel so liberated now that my feta consumption no longer replies on his muscles. 

Thanks Trader Joe's.  This new packaging is awesome.  I feel independent again!  Who knows, when David comes home and I show him my new discovery, he may feel a twinge of sadness that I no longer "need him" for the feta...  Not to worry - I can find another chore to give him (shhhh)! 

Price:  still $6.49 I believe
Rating: 5 STARS!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Incanto Chardonnay Pinot Grigio

First, let me lay this on the line:  I have coveted this big ass blue bottle of wine every year when Trader Joe’s brings it out around the holiday time.  TJ’s always have special, super huge wine bottles, and they are sooooo appealing to my eyes!  Seriously, every year I want to buy them.  David and I normally grocery shop together, and I know that he, being the more realistic (and once in a while the more responsible) of the two of us must think these big ol’ wine bottles are ridiculous.  And, in my heart, I have always known he was right.  So, year after year I have held back and not snuck one of these big wines into our cart.

But this year – oh, this year I WENT FOR IT!  I got brave enough to snag one of these bottles on a night I was shopping without David actually 😊 .  But look at it – it is gorgeous!  The shape of the bottle.  The size.  But mostly, the color! I mean, how bad would this Italian blend have to taste to undo all of those positives???

Here is David before the bottle was opened.  See - it is LARGE!
So, this holiday season, I got one and we hauled it down to Florida with us.  I thought we might drink it if we had friends over, but (as almost always happens in our lives), we were hermits and didn’t have a dinner party.  We were invited to a friend’s house for New Year’s Day dinner, and I guess it would have been nice to bring this bottle, but it just felt a little strange.  There were going to be 5 people at the meal, and in we would walk with a huge ass bottle of wine?  What if we were the only wine drinkers?

Close up of the label
Now January is ticking by and we still hadn’t opened this bottle...  One night our friend Sarah said she was going to stop by (and I know she likes wine).   Voila – there’s my chance!  I had David open the bottle and the 3 of us did a taste test.  Here is what we thought:

Well isn't this elegant??  Bottle is too big for the fridge
Susan:  Before I can discuss the taste of the wine, I must talk through the logistics of it.  This.  Wine bottle.  Is.  Ridonkulous!!  It is white wine and we wanted it chilled, but the big bottle most certainly could not stand up in our refrigerator.  It ended up lying on its side and taking up a big chunk of the fridge (though to be honest, for a day or so it served as a “shelf” as David rested his used paint brush (wrapped in Saranwrap) on top of the horizontal bottle…).  OK, now on to the taste:  The taste is sort of water-y to me – there is not much taste.  Because of that I wound up drinking it pretty fast.  So, if your goal is to down wine quickly (and therefore feel a bit tipsy quickly…), this might be a good pick.  Artistically it is beautiful.  Logistically it is stupid.  And to be honest, the actual wine seemed sort of incidental!  I will give the taste of this wine 3.75.  If I gave a score for the look of the bottle it would be a 5, but if I gave a score for the usability of the bottle (squishing it in your fridge) it would be a 2.  So, I will average those scores together and give the overall product a score of 3.5.

David gives Incanto a try
David: “I think this is good, it is nice and cold which is good for this wine.  It has a little bit of a fruity taste.  It has a hint of a chardonnay kind of oakiness – I don’t like chardonnay but this was not too much, so I thought it balanced it out kind of nice.  This is not a wine I would seek out, but I am delighted to drink it.  I guess I will give it a 4.  (David added that he should have docked his score because of the unwieldy size of the bottle.)”

Sarah refilling her glass
 (by the way, this bottle is hard to pour, too!  It comes out super fast.)
Sarah: “I did not like this wine at the first sip, because it tasted like chardonnay and I do not normally like chardonnay.  But I kept drinking, and (like most wines) then I enjoyed it more.   It ended up being more fruity than dry, which I liked.  This is a super easy wine to drink.  I will give it a solid 4.5.”

Overall, I suggest only buying this big bottle of wine if you have plans to drink it all in one sitting.  That way you can chill it, uncork it, and drink it all without having to worry about re-corking it to lay sideways in your fridge.

Price:  $12.99 (cheap when you consider it is the equivalent of 2 bottles of wine)

Rating (average of 3 raters):  4

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Lay's "Do Us A Flavor" Potato Chip Finalists 2017

OK, this is unusual…  This is a blog to review TRADER JOE’S PRODUCTS, and here I am about to review a special selection of Lay's Potato Chips (not sold at TJ’s).  But it is a very unique circumstance, this is the one and only time I am going to stray in the blog mission, and I am feeling the need to do it, so please, humor me, ok?

Our next-door neighbors in Florida are James and Carol.  I say “James and Carol” as a unit, a grouping.  We never refer to them as “James” and “Carol”.  It is really JAMES-AND- CAROL, a one-word unit.  But now Carol is very sick.  It is inevitable that it will soon be James (sans Carol), and that is a sad reality for all of us. 

Carol, one of the sweetest neighbors you ever could meet
James-and-Carol are about as different from my partner David and I as you can imagine.  They are true Southerners – from the accents to the attitudes.  It is fun to hang out with them and chat.  They look at things from a whole different perspective than we do, and they think David and I are a bit crazy with our gallivanting around the world (ok, more than a bit crazy…).  In fact, just yesterday when I was visiting and a hospice nurse remarked to James that there was a “crazy neighbor” she had seen on our street, Carol (in her morphine induced state) smiled and quietly said, “Susan and David!” – calling us the crazy neighbors!  When we were in Florida late summer of 2017 the doctors had announced Carol’s cancer had spread.  It was getting bad, and honestly, no one knew if she would still be around when we came back to the Sunshine State in the winter. 

So, before we left town, I thought of what I thought was a fun project we could all do together:  they would help me review potato chips for my blog!  I had seen Lay's Special Flavors Potato Chips advertised and had never heard of the concept before.  Apparently Lay's has a contest (called “Do Us A Flavor” – a catchy title that sounds like something Trader Joe’s would come up with, no??) to see who can come up with the best NEW flavor, and the winner gets $1,000,000 and their chip flavor is made and sold!!  People who taste the chips go online and VOTE for which new chip flavor they like best.  I ran around to a couple of different stores to collect bags of the 2017 finalist flavors:

Crispy Taco

Wavy Fried Green Tomato

Kettle Cooked Everything Bagel (with Cream Cheese)

And then, one night shortly before we left to drive back up to DC, I busted out the chips!  I figured, hey, one of the flavors is Fried Green Tomato, they are bound to like that one!  And it was a game we didn’t have to leave the comfort of their home for, so it seemed perfect.

Everyone was all smiles before the bags were opened...
Perfect, that is, until we actually tasted the chips……

James-and-Carol (who will have to be separated and referred to individually for the rest of this article, since they reviewed the food individually) did NOT like these chips!  Their comments cracked me up – I was rolling on the floor laughing as they ate them.  The whole idea of reviewing food seemed ridiculous to them, too.  But hey, it was crazy neighbor Susan’s game, so they went along with it.

Meet the reviewers:
James – age 77, from Kentucky
Carol – age 67 – also from Kentucky
David – our normal TJ’s reviewer, from a suburb of Washington DC
And me – originally from Nebraska, but a tried and true East Coast girl since 2000

We rated these chips like David and I normally rate Trader Joe’s products – on a scale of 0 – 5, with 5 being the highest). 

First. we tried the CRISPY TACO chips.  Here is what the reviewers thought:

James:  “Well, it sorta tastes like a regular old BBQ chip.  It smells like it’s done been eat
once before!  This ain’t something I’d buy.  It smells like it’s been eat once and threw up! 
I give it a 2.”

Carol:  “This smells like poop!  I’ve never tasted poop before…  This is NOT ok. 
James gave it a 2?  That is too many!  I give it 0.”

David (lover of most snack foods):  “Hmmm, taco…  This tastes like a taco to me.  It
smells ok.  I wouldn’t buy this chip, but I would EAT it.  It’s ok.  I give it a 4.”

Susan:  “Peeuuu – this bag of chips smells b-a-d.  The taste is like you are eating a packet
of taco seasoning.  This isn’t a chip I want to eat much of.  I give it a 2.”

"This smells like POOP!" - Caro
Next up was the FRIED GREEN TOMATO chips, the one I suspected our Southern friends might like:
James:  “It tastes like they left the tomatoes out!  Well, these I could eat.  They are a lot
better than them taco chips.  I could eat these all day.  They are bland, but I could eat
‘em.  I give them a 3.5.”

Carol:  “These are bland!  There is no taste.  I keep waiting for it to taste, but there is
nothing.  It says they are “Green Tomato” but they taste like I am eating air!  I give them
a 1.”

David:  “These taste odd to me.  They are astringent – tastes like vinegar.  I am not a
big fan of this one.  I give them a 2.5.”

Susan:  “These are not bad. I would never, ever have guessed the flavor was Fried
Green Tomatoes though, it doesn’t taste like that to me.  But I could eat these.  I give
them a 3.5.”

"I could eat these all day," James

And finally, we tried the EVERYTHING BAGEL flavor:

James:  “Well, these are not my favorite, but I could eat ‘em.  If you had a dip it would
probably work out ok.  I give them a 2.”

Carol:  “These are as bad as the taco ones.  They taste like stale chips that have been in
the cabinet for a whole year.  All the flavor is gone out of ‘em.  I give them a 0.”

David:  “The cream cheese flavor is a mistake.  I do not like the texture and the taste is
greasy.  I might not even eat these if they were open and left in front of me.  (Editor’s
note:  this is highly unusual!  David will normally eat any snack food placed in front of
him.)I give them a 1.5.”

Susan:  “These taste just like sour cream to me – I do not get any “bagel” taste.  These are
a chip flavor fail.  I give them a 2.” 

David, a very discerning taste tester

So, as you can see, poor Carol, the one who is sick and I thought might have fun doing this project, HATED EVERY SINGLE CHIP.  Hahahaha!  Poor Carol!  It was as if I was doing a taste torture on her instead of a taste test

When we average our scores together these are the results:

I guess we can all be thankful that I didn’t hear about this chip flavor contest until after the finalists were selected, otherwise we might have had to suffer through lots more tasting (though I am not sure these other 2017 semi-finalist flavors were available to the general public):
  • "Lay's Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Popper" from Nick Arndt (Massillon, Ohio)
  • "Lay's Toasted Ravioli" from Trezette Dixon (St. Louis, Mo.)
  • "Lay's Wavy Avocado Toast" from Vanessa Herberger (Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.)
  • "Lay's Kettle Cooked Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese" from Lindsay Hoffman (Palm City, Fla.)
  • "Lay's Nashville Hot Chicken" from Hope Pan (Gainesville, Fla.)
  • "Lay's Wavy Fried Green Tomato" from Gregory Pope (Charlotte, N.C.)
  • "Lay's Kettle Cooked Smoked Gouda and Honey" from Brandon Foster (Saratoga Springs, Utah)
  • "Lay's Wavy Spinach Artichoke Dip" from Scott Merz (Grand Haven, Mich.)
  • "Lay's Crispy Taco" from Ellen Sarem (San Antonio, Texas)
  • "Lay's Sloppy Joe" from Chris Vail (Seattle, Wash.)
The winner of the votes in the “Do Us a Flavor” competition ended up being (drum roll….) …  CRISPY TACO!!!  Yes, the chip that Carol said smelled like poop and James said tasted like vomit took home the grand prize of $1 million bucks.  Big Winner Announcement from Lay's link

So, while we did not quite agree with the rest of the voting public on the winning chip, I think all 4 of us neighbors had fun trying the finalists.  I think James summed up our evening pretty clearly when he declared that the Fried Green Tomato chips were the best because, and I quote, “They had no taste”.

We will miss you, Carol.  Thanks for being a great neighbor all these years, making us laugh, watching over our house, and putting up with our craziness.

Carol, one sweet neighbor 

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Bust Out The Mistletoe

It's that time of year -


Mistletoe from Trader Joe's - the most important decoration of the season!
We have been a bit frantic this holiday season - traveling, working, rushing about...  So, I am just gonna tell it like it is:

SO FAR THE ONLY HOLIDAY DECORATIONS WE HAVE OUT ARE A MENORAH (with no candles in it yet...) and A MISTLETOE from Trader Joe's (that is not actually HUNG UP yet...). 

And, umm, it is Christmas eve!  And Hanukkah is over.  Yes, it is December 24th and we have practically NO decorations! 

But honestly, we are non-traditional celebrators.  We celebrate any and all holidays (hence the menorah AND the Christmas spirit).  Oh, and we do not celebrate ON TIME.  We celebrate when we choose!  Why be ruled by a silly calendar when you can celebrate on whatever day feels right??

This is us under what we deemed THE WORLD'S LARGEST MISTLETOE in Stockholm, Sweden, November 2017
So perhaps we will find someone's Christmas tree put out for the garbage men in a day or two...  And perhaps we will "recycle" that and make it our own.  Or maybe (most likely) we will forego a tree this year all together and find another way to express our holiday spirit.

In the meantime, we are holed away in Vino Volo at the St. Louis airport (near gate E18 :) ) enjoying our Christmas Eve dinner during a 3 hour layover.  We visited my family in Omaha all week and are on the way back home. 

Ho ho ho - Merrrrry Christmas (with a wine flight)
But we wanted to take a moment to wish you a happy, merry, joyous WHATEVER (and whenever) you celebrate. 

And though it is probably too late to snag some mistletoe at Trader Joe's THIS YEAR, just know that next year when you see it you should grab some.  It is totally effective and works wonders!  (Original reviews here: 

2016 crop Trader Joe's Mistletoe review click here
2015 crop Trader Joe's Mistletoe review click here

THIS PRODUCT STILL RATES A 5 STAR REVIEW!  Year after year, Trader Joe's mistletoe delivers.

Happy holidays to all.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Flowers -- Holidays or Everyday

This is my periodic reminder to YOU, dear reader, to BUY FLOWERS FOR YOUR MOTHER.

Go to Trader Joe's.  Pick up a poinsettia if they still have some in stock.  Get one of those sweet little Christmas trees in pots.  Get a bouquet of pretty colored blooms.  Get ANYTHING - just GET FLOWERS FOR YOUR MOTHER!

Sure, she may say, "I don't need flowers,".  She might say, "Oh, you shouldn't have...".  But trust me, you SHOULD.

And you might think, "But I can't afford flowers!  I mean, it is the holiday season, I have spent so much on gifts already, I am strapped for cash".  But flowers at Trader Joe's are very, very reasonably priced, and your mom will SMILE when you give them to her.  

Don't wait for a special occasion-  do it today.  Think of all she has done for you - all of the "gifts" she has given over the years (some that came in boxes and some that were gifts of time and love).  Gift her back!  Show her you care.  Do it today.

Do it while you can still look her in the eye as you hand them to her.  Tell her how thankful you are for all she has done for you.  If you are 6, 16, or 50 - if your mom is still here on earth, GIVE HER FLOWERS.

Because someday, you won't be able to hand them to her.  Sure, you might still buy them in her memory, but trust me, it is not the same.  Give them to her NOW, while she can appreciate them.

Happy holidays one and all.  And God bless us, every one.  

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Cinnamon Roll Wreath

Today’s review is of a holiday product – Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Roll Wreath.  We are visiting Omaha, Nebraska to have an early Christmas celebration with my family, so I thought, “Who better to invite to be guest reviewers than my dad and his wife??”.  May I present – John (my dad) and Evelyn (his wife)!!
Ho, ho, ho - MERRRRRY CHRISTMAS!  Santa stopped by early!
This photo was taken the night of our family Christmas, when Santa showed up!  Yup, the big man himself made an appearance!  It was quite fun.  We have 5 believers in our family – well, 4 believers and 1 too young to really get it…  But they all liked Santa (wellll, that is stretching it…  In all honesty, the 2 toddlers were not so fond of the jolly old fat man).  But the adults loved him! 

Tallis is one of our BELIEVERS.  She WHISPERED what she wanted to Santa!
Anyway, David and I stopped at the Omaha Trader Joe’s in One Pacific Place and picked up a few things, including a CINNAMON ROLL WREATH.  The whole family was crashing my dad’s house (uninvited) to eat pizza after a hockey game, and I thought a few cinnamon rolls after pizza sounded great.  However, I failed to read the package instructions…

Oops, I should have turned the box over and read the other side...
These suckers are not simple to prepare.  I mean, they are not DIFFICULT by any stretch of the imagination, but they are not like a tube of Pillsbury rolls that you just pop open and bung in the oven.  These need to sit and rise before baking.  Also, they do not come with the GLAZE…  Again, I should have read that and known before we bought them, but it was a “grab and run” because we are rushing around doing family things.  Had I KNOWN we needed to make glaze, we would have picked up some powdered sugar (because, let’s be honest here, my dad and Evelyn do not cook much., let alone BAKE, so finding powdered sugar that was not expired a decade ago in the pantry would have been impossible…).  In the “fly by the seat of your pants” category, David Googled and learned he could make the glaze with regular (not powdered sugar), which he found and mixed with water and vanilla to make glaze.   

So, due to these treats needing to rise before baking, having them as a late night snack was out.

Hey look - a WREATH made out of CINNAMON ROLLS!  (Pre-glaze)
But that left them for breakfast the next morning!  Evelyn had sort of a hard time waiting for them (because, like I said, they had to rise).  But when they were finally ready, she was thrilled with the results.  Here is what everyone thought:

Dad:  “These are delicious!  I give them a 4.95.  It sounds hard to make them, but it really wasn’t.  Susan is making it sound like they are very difficult to make, but they really are not (editor’s note:  Dad did not assist with the preparation… 😊 ) .  I like them WITH the frosting best – David makes a mean glaze.  If they were any better they would be perfect!  I give these a 4.95.  (Editor’s note:  I explained that normally in this blog we only use .25 variations, so he could give them a 4.5 or a 4.75 or a 5.  But he INSISTED on the 4.95.  And he is the dad, so he gets to pick his score!)

Dad loved them
Evelyn:  “I would say these are perfect!  I prefer them with the glaze.  They are perfect! Let’s have them again!  I give them a score of 5.”

David:  “The taste is nice.  The glaze is good.  They are a little under-cooked, a bit under-done tasting.  (Editor’s note yet again:  I followed the instructions and baked these right in the middle of the recommended baking range time.)  I like them.  I give them a 3.5.”

David liked 'em
Susan:  I agree with David that the centers of the cinnamon rolls were a bit underdone, but I sort of like that taste.  I agree with everyone else that the frosting/glaze is a good addition.  I think the whole “wreath” concept is super pretty.  If I got them again I would bake them a bit longer.  These would be good for Christmas morning breakfast.  I give them a 4.5.

Sweet, fluffy, and buttery - good description
There you have it.  If your Trader Joe’s still has these in stock, grab a box.  They are fun and tasty.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Susan and David (and Santa, of course)
Price: $4.99

Rating (average of 4 raters):  4.5