Sunday, August 6, 2017

Organic Roasted and Salted Valencia Peanuts

I like peanuts, but not like DAVID likes peanuts.  I mean, David pretty much adores peanuts.  I am not sure what it is about them, but his eyes light up when he sees them in the store 😊 .  And that is why I am letting HIM review these nuts and not me.  Cuz he is the PEANUT EXPERT in our household.  I mean, just LOOK at that smile on his face the day we bought these Valencia Peanuts – he is in love and he hasn’t even opened the package yet!!

David, lovingly holding a bag of peanuts he has never tried before

 Alas, the love was not to last.  Here is his review:

Valencia Peanuts
“Well, these may be organic, and they may say they are ‘roasted and salted’, but my opinion is they are not roasted or salted enough.  So, I would say: these are tasty enough if you like kind of raw-ish peanuts.  I am gonna go ahead and roast ‘em a bit more.” 

(Susan here:  well having to roast them yourself seems like a boatload of extra work for peanuts you buy to just eat out of the bag while you are drinking Pepsi and watching engrossing tv such as, “Undercover Boss” (please note the sarcasm intended in using the phrase “engrossing tv” with this show…), which, by the way, has totally jumped the shark and had a ridiculous episode on last night!  Did you see it?   The head of a company we had never heard of, Armando Montelongo, was on, and his “disguise” was hilarious!!!  He looked like he was wearing a really cheap Halloween costume from the Dollar Store!  But I digress…  Let’s get back to David’s review.)

THIS was his "disguise".  You tell me ANY employee would be tricked by this.
I mean, I think the guy next to him on the subway would know it was a costume!!  I sure would.
David:  “I will either roast and salt them myself, which does sound like a lot of work, or I might just keep eatin’ them…”

Susan:  I notice that these have the red skins on them like the ones you love, Spanish peanuts, in the blue can made by Planters.

David:  “I DO like the skins, but these are not as tasty as the canned Planter’s red skin nuts.  Maybe I will throw these in some dish where I fry them up in a stir fry or something.  I would like these, but they are not roasted and salted enough.  I will give these a 3.5.”

Indeed, left to his own resources, David would most certainly just "keep eatin' " these peanuts.
Susan:  I must point out a hilarious thing about the packaging for these Valencia Peanuts.  Look at the note by the nutritional label:

A bag of peanuts "CONTAINS PEANUT".  You don't say....
What???  They have to write, in bold letters, “CONTAINS PEANUT”.  Look, I am not one to say that the world is too “politically correct”.  I, in fact, do my best to conform to the currently preferred terminology for stuff and wouldn't be surprised if behind my back folks call me a "snowflake".  But do they REALLY need to write that a package of PEANUTS, a SEE-THROUGH bag of PEANUTS, contains PEANUTS???  I guess it could be worse, it could say, “May contain peanuts”.  I would just hope that if someone is allergic to peanuts, they would know to steer clear of a product named “Valencia Peanuts” without having to check the packaging to see if it “contains peanuts”.   I’m just sayin’…

Not expensive, but also not roasted or salted enough.
Price: $2.99

Rating:  3.5

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