Thursday, July 6, 2017

Secco Grapefruit Pompelini


We have a little beach house in Ormond Beach (it is a vacation rental home when we are not crashing in it).  It is rare that friends and family come when we are here, so this was a treat.  And what made it even MORE fun is that my 2 sisters and I all have summer birthdays, so we decided to whoop it up while they were in town and celebrate one birthday a day by doing whatevvvver the birthday girl of the moment wanted to do.  It was super fun! 

But because the closest Trader Joe's is 90 minutes away, we needed to stock up on a few essentials before leaving DC.  And by essentials, I basically mean WINE...

David displaying our boatload (ok, cartload) of TJ's wine -
 ready to hang out in Florida for a while!!
Oh sure, there are grocery stores and liquor stores in Florida where we could pick up wine, but it just wouldn't be the same as ol' TJ's wine, now would it??  So we loaded up a cart of wine (plus other "staples" we needed for the visit).  Then we happened on Irene (at the Bailey's Crossroads, VA Trader Joe's).  Irene quickly became my new BFF.  This is because, a mere 10 days before my 51 birthday, she CARDED ME TO SAMPLE WINES!  

Me and my new buddy, Irene!  
Basically, after that compliment, I probably would have bought anything Irene was peddling.  But it turned out that what she was peddling, Secco Grapefruit Pompelini, was actually tasty!!  So into our cart went a bottle.  Then another one, for good measure...

Even the bottle is pretty, don't you think?
One of the items on my sister Sherry's birthday wish list was "sunrise on the beach with mimosas".  We figured this Secco Grapefruit Pomelini was just as fancy as any mimosa, so we chilled it and packed it in a beachbag, along with 4 of the finest plastic champagne flutes money could buy!  Then off we went to watch the sun rise!!

Sunrise at Ormond Beach, Florida - Mother Nature at her finest, no filter needed
We busted out the Secco Grapefruit, toasted to birthdays, and had a lovely day.

Here are the reviews of the drink (reviewed while we swished our feet around in a blow up swimming pool :) ):

Sherry:  "It is kind of tart, bubbly, and refreshing.  It is perfect for a hot summer day.  It would be great at a brunch.  I give it 5 stars."

Susan:  "I also think it is great for a hot summer day.  It should be served well chilled, and if you want to be fancy like us, you need to serve it in champagne flutes (though the plastic of the flutes does make it tend more toward redneck than fancy...).  It would be good with fruit - maybe strawberries.  It would also be good with salad.  I think this is an all-around nice drink and worked well as a substitute for mimosas.  The frosted glass bottle is very pretty.  I also give it a 5."

David:  "This is a perfect balance of grapefruit, refreshing-ness, with the slightest hint of wine/alcohol, but nothing overpowering in the least.  It is not too sweet.  I give this a 5."

(David's comment of this only having the slightest hint of alcohol made me curious so I checked - it is 8%.  Fair warning - it does seem like the type of thing you might just sip and slurp and knock back until you were a bit tipsy...)

Annette:  "I rate it a solid 5!!!  It was so delicious!  I don't really care for wine that much, but that was delicious!!"

Sunrise toast from my sisters and me - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
My sisters helped review several other products while we were all together - more of those reviews to come!

Price:  $5.99
Rating (average of 4 raters): 5


  1. So good I returned to Trader Joe's and bought a CASE!

    1. :) Hey, save some for the rest of us! :) KIDDDDING, as you can see in the top photo, we are believers in grabbing a case of your current fav when you are at TJ's! Good on ya for getting some of this Pompelini.

  2. Tried one today - going back to get a box!

    1. I am so glad you commented - I FORGOT we had another bottle!! I put it in the fridge last night - it is now ready to enjoy!

  3. I run an Airbnb, and often my guests leave behind tasty beverages in the fridge, it can run the gamut as my guests are an interesting lot and all very different. Of course I am always tickled to try something new that they have left for me, (or probably they couldn't pack it with them).. Either way , I win.. A group of seven left an unopened bottle of Pompellini's Grapefruit Secco. Hmmm, that looks interesting I thought,but probably a "soda pop" wine, which I have avoided since my early twenties. I brought it home on a hot night, thought I would give it a go...poured myself a glass, and WOW! I loved it! It was a perfectly light, bubbly, refreshing, and yet not too sweet, and the grapefruit flavor just kicked it up a notch! Simply delicious! and, will tickle your tastebuds!!! My guess is that most will want more than one glass, I did.

    1. Man, how do you get so lucky??? We also AirBnB a home, but we are long distance owners. That means a cleaning crew has already thrown out (or perhaps drank??) all the good stuff before we get there, so the only "treasure" we ever find is a lost sock in the dryer or perhaps a hairband in a drawer... I would much prefer finding Secco Grapefruit Pomplelini! :)