Sunday, July 10, 2016


Update on our COOKIE WHITE HOUSE kit from Trader Joe's.

It.  Was.  Fabulous!

Tada!  Our completed cookie White House!  On the right is Lil Barack (he didn't come with the kit, he is my finger puppet).  On the left is the little Michelle Obama garden!  Isn't it swell??

We had some friends staying with us so they helped with the creation.

Getting ready to build

Making the cookie White House

And, if I can boast a bit, IT TURNED OUT FANTASTIC!!  Isn't it adorable??

And of course, if the ACTUAL White House is in the backyard of your COOKIE WHITE HOUSE, you have to carefully bring your version to the life size version for a photo opp...  Cuz, well, why not??

It is hard to distinguish the REAL White House from the COOKIE WHITE HOUSE, no?
Check out the security guard in the background...  They kept their eyes on us, but liked our lil White House!
The security guards all loved it.  I am not saying they UNDERSTOOD it, but they all loved it.  And the people visiting from other countries really dug it, though they were very confused about the "why" of it...  And really, how does one explain that??

No David, no!  Don't eat it YET!!
2 other people I know also made cookie White Houses!  Here is one from Facebook friend Kate (made with her darling kids I am guessing :) )

The Meehan family cookie White House - impressive, no???  
And here is one from my big sister in Omaha who adores the first ladies!

My sister's cookie White House.  She also has a lil Barack!  Plus even MORE added on politicians!  My favorite is, of course, the Eleanor Roosevelt...  At least I THINK that who has her arm around Abe...  Very fancy!
All in all, cookie White Houses rock.  Our TJ's only had a few and they seemed a bit hidden, but check out this huge display of them we saw at another local Trader Joe's!

Get 'em while they've got 'em!
The next time they have them (or cookie Taj Mahals, or cookie Sears Towers...) GET ONE!  They are fun.

This product, OF COURSE, keeps the 5 star rating. Here is the original review of the kit (before we built it):  Cookie White House Kit


  1. This is amazing!!! Love that the cookie White House got to visit the real White House!

    1. THANKS!! As you might have guessed, I was pretty excited about it...