Thursday, January 21, 2016


Quick check-in today with 2 big bits of news:

1.     THE BLIZZARD OF THE CENTURY IS COMING TO DC!!!!  (OK, it is gonna snow…  Like, seriously, it might be a lot of snow this time!  Oh I hope, hope, hope so!!!  Usually when they predict snow here we get, like, 6 flakes of it but everything closes.  This time they are talking double digits folks!  I say BRING IT ON!!!  I keep getting texts alerting me that my community will soon be under a BLIZZARD WARNING.  Doesn’t it just sound so thrilling???  So of course, everyone and all of their cousins are grocery shopping.  You can’t make it through 2 or 3 days stuck at home without bread, right???  And you must have rolls and rolls of TOILET PAPER or you are sure to perish!!  Well, we just got back to Arlington a couple of days ago and hadn’t really grocery shopped yet to get all of the basics.  So we needed veggies, fruit, butter, eggs, milk, etc.  That was one of my “to do”s yesterday.  Apparently around 4.8 million other people also really needed to go to Trader Joe’s!  It was crazy crowded.  Of course, we thought that was fun, but not everyone was in a giggly mood.  They were out of lots of stuff, including bananas and eggs.  HOWEVER will people survive without BANANAS for 2 days???  J

Maybe you can't see exactly HOW LONG the lines were, but you have to trust me here,
they were the longest we have ever seen at our local Trader Joe's!
      Still related to the snow but not to TJ’s, we went to a movie last night at the Japan Information and Cultural Center in DC last night (part of the Japanese Embassy, they show great Japanese films for free!).  JICC is 4.8 miles from our house.  It took us 7 minutes to drive there.  The same drive in reverse to come home took us 2 hours and 35 minutes!!!!!  The roads were icy and then about an inch of snow fell.  Cars were slippin’ and slidin’ and it was a messy mess!  A cool part was when we were stuck in front of the Einstein Statue for a while and got to see him covered in snow. 

A snowy Al as seen from our car stuck in a massive traffic jam.  Go Al!
Anyway, that was not even the REAL STORM yet – imagine what is going to happen if
this blizzard really hits!  Let’s just say, this part of the country is not really prepared to handle

2.        The other bit of big news – LOOK WHAT IS BACK!!!!!  

      Yeah baby, the infamous Marinated Olive Duo!!!!!!  I love this product and was sad that it was    
      only sold temporarily!  You can see the review of it here:  marinated olive duo review  Signage
      indicated that these were one of the GREATEST HITS OF 2015!  Oh yeah, I’ll say!  Go get some
      before they foolishly take them off the shelves again!

A "Greatest Hits of 2015" item - I TOLD you they were a winner!!  :)


  1. Hope to find the olives this weekend. And while I'm on the hunt maybe I will find cauliflower rice and the dilly sauerkraut. A girl can dream right? In a perfect world they would bring back my favorite fresh Kimchi.

  2. I'm glad you got back home safely! I know DC is just not equipped to deal with snow.....
    That does look like a crazy line i'm sure it was super busy. We got a bit more than a foot here, but whatever, pretty much dug out and back to normal today just a whole lotta slushy stuff now.
    I'll pick up those olives on my next trip! I had the japanese fried rice with some tofu sauteed in soyaki for lunch yesterday, it's my latest favorite combo :)

    1. Ahhhh, have not had the Japanese Fried Rice - did you add the tofu or is that combo available in the store? Sounds like something we must eat. :)
      We shoveled for a looooong time yesterday. We got around two feet of snow I think, maybe more. We finally got one car freed, including driveway entrance. And we got part of one sidewalk. Big snow storms are the only times that living on a CORNER is hard - double the sidewalk...