Saturday, October 15, 2016

Teeny Tiny Honeynut Squash are Back in SEASON!

I reviewed these petite, adorable little squash on day 301 of my blog.  They got a FIVE STAR rating. Check it out:

Miniature Honeynut Squash Review

Love these adorable little squash
And now they are BACK IN STOCK at Trader Joe's!  Same price as last year - .99 cents for one lovely little squash.  I followed the same recipe that I put in the original review and, once again, these puppies came out delicious.

2015 Price Tag (cute display outside of our Trader Joe's)

2016 Price Tag (cute display INSIDE our Trader Joe's)
These miniature butternut squash have a lot going for them:
- they are autumnal
- they are adorable
- they are easy to prepare
- they taste good
- did I mention how CUTE they are?
- they are a healthy thing to eat
- they are not your run-of-the-mill boring veggie

A LARGE photo of a small item
It is for all of these reasons and more that I suggest you book it to your local Trader Joe's and grab some.  Heck, serve 'em to guests!  Trust me, they will ooohh and ahhhh.

I grabbed 2, you should pick up more than that.  I am going back to get several.  
Yummy!!!  I served one honeynut squash (we each ate half) with a meal we ordered from Munchery, a food delivery service
Price:  STILL .99
Rating:  STILL 5 STARS


  1. Picked one up last week and LOVED it!!

    1. Agreed!!! And did you just look at it on your plate and go "awwww" cuz it was so cute??? :) I did!