Thursday, November 5, 2015

Day 309 - Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels

David:  “This is a nice concept.  I’m not sure they quite got the peanut butter right….  The outside of the pretzel is crunchy and salty as it should be.  The plump pretzel is a nice tasting pretzel.  But the peanut butter inside is kind of dry and cakey and so it dries out your mouth and doesn’t have that luscious buttery-peanut-butter mouth feel that makes such a nice contrast to the crunch of the pretzel.”
See how EXCITED he was when we bought these???
Here is my take:  David was quite excited when we got these and he expected to reallllly like them. However, he has taken the same little Ziploc baggy full of them in his lunch 3 times, and the baggy keeps coming back with almost the same exact amount of pretzels in it…  (He counters, “I did eat a few of them today on my long drive home, because they were all I had and I had a little bit of Pepsi to wash them down…”.)

Seriously people, if you have read any of the other 300-some-odd days of this blog, you know that there is not a lot of snackin’ that David does not like. 

Are you gonna EXAMINE it or EAT it, dude?
I totally agree with him that that peanut butter is too dry.  I think he was playing it nice when he described it now.  It is not a “wee bit dry” – when he described it to me the first time (before I wrote this review) he used MUCH HARSHER words to describe the peanut butter… 

To me, the pretzels themselves are too hard or too big or something.  Believe me when I tell you that I have never in my life eaten a DOG TREAT, but something about these screams DOG TREAT to me!  (We don’t own a dog, heck I do not even LIKE dogs (don’t shoot me, I am scared of them) but if we ran into a dog while I had David’s never ending Ziploc baggy of these pretzels filled with peanut butter, I would whip one of these things out and feed it to that dog.)  David agrees that they are dog treat sized and shaped.
The bag looks sorta classy, but they taste dry
That's $2.99 we won't be spending again

David says that this is a “Missed opportunity for TJ’s.  However, I WOULD take a little baggy along on any trip!  They are perfect “save your life” and “not so bad trail bites” for eating something that is not sweet.”

Ok, so he is basically saying that if he was on “Survivor” or “Naked and Afraid” and they permitted him to bring a bag of treats, he would bring THESE…  This makes no sense to me, as I would squirrel away something that I actually enjoyed eating before I was sent to a deserted island…  But he justified this weird idea by reminding me that these have PROTEIN in them and FAT.

It is as if all the sudden I was married to a prepper…  (Though he later told me that he would also bring a couple of chocolate bars…  Ah, THAT’S my sweetie!!)

Price – $2.99

Rating – 2.75

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  1. Oh no, he missed the Whole Point of these!!! You have to snack on them with your favorite beer or drink! All alone they are way too dry, but i do love the flavor.
    The sesame pretzel nuggets that are all pretzel and slightly smaller are better for as is snacking- oooh, i bet they're even better dipped in pb though!
    Beware the butterscotch shortbread cookies are back in store now (rumor has it they're made by Walker's shortbread)