Monday, October 19, 2015

Day 292 - Pecan Pralines

I am not sure if these are pecan prah-lines or pray-lines.  I think it depends on where you are from.  But however you say it, if you want them you can find them in a little plastic container at Trader Joe’s.

13 Oz container of Pecan Pralines
These are much more PRALINE than pecan.  They have tons of heavy praline coating over pecan halves.  They taste good but are a little too sweet for my taste.  We have been munching them on their own as snacks as opposed to putting them on a salad or something.  Maybe on a salad they would taste better because the savory of the salad would off-set some of the sweet of the praline. 

I went to New Orleans for a conference this summer and ate pralines there and these pecans DO taste like the ones that are so popular in that part of the country.  The following photos have nothing at all to do with Trader Joe's and everything to do with New Orleans :) :

Cafe du Monde - beignets and coffee is a must

Art on gate in Nola

Street musician

Street art - New Orleans is full of it!

jambalaya and greens at a restaurant called The Praline Connection (which is, of course, where I got pralines!)
Back to the review:  David agrees with me that these Pecan Pralines are a bit SWEET and rich, but that they do taste “authentic”.  He has not problem with the “construction” of these (whatever that means…).  He says the pecans themselves were good (but agrees with me that the taste of the actual pecan is smothered out by the taste of the praline).  He thinks I may be right that they might be better on a salad.

I think you can see here how much of the praline coating is on the nuts.  If you like SWEET, you will like these.
I recommend Trader Joe’s sells a tub of these that is HALF the size for HALF the price, cuz at the rate we are getting through these sugary sweet things they are going to be in our cupboard for an eternity. They are good, you just can't eat too many of them at a time.

Pretty big tub o' sweet
Price – $5.49
Rating – 3.5


  1. I bet those would be good chopped over some plain yogurt.... In salad is a great idea with a acidic vinegrette. Or maybe just alternate snacking on them with pretzels...

    1. True - they could bring the "sweet" to plain yogurt. Maybe a little baggie of a pretzel/pecan praline mix. I wish the Pope was coming back to town so I needed more POPE SNACKS, I would try that :).