Monday, October 5, 2015

Day 278 - Pizza Al Pollo Asado

This product is brought to you by “Trader Jose’s” J.  It is, as it states on the box, a “corn masa crust with grilled chicken breast, refried beans, jack cheese, and tomatillo salsa”.  The package says it is one serving, but we are sort of small people and we split it in half, which was plenty.   I didn’t think David would like it, he sort of wrinkled his nose up when I put it in our shopping cart.

Will it be DRY?  Will it be TASTY??  
Surprise - we both liked it!  Looking at the photo on the box, we had a fear that it might taste a bit “cardboard-y”, but we were pleasantly surprised that it didn’t.  The crust, called “corn masa crust”, was a bit moist and yielding.  David says, “It looks like it might be dry, but the masa and the refried beans on it makes it MOIST enough.  And it has a little cheese on it!  So it is sort of like refried beans in a tamale.  There isn’t a lot of chicken taste goin’ on but that’s alright.  It’s a nicely balanced dish.”

The corn meal-y crust is the thickest part.  I like it – it is interesting.  It is a different TEXTURE than most foods.  We do not eat a lot of refried beans so that was a nice change of pace to have those.  I put Hatch Valley Salsa on top of my pizza (that salsa being my latest TJ’s obsession…  I talked a couple into buying a jar last time we were at Trader Joe’s!  I hope they liked it).  The salsa on top made the pizza a bit more moist.

Winner winner pollo dinner!  It was good!  (It tasted better than it looks in this photo)

The photo on the package shows the pizza with cilantro on top – I wish we had done that.  I think cilantro would make another nice flavor to add to this combo.  The box says you could top it with lettuce, guacamole, and sour cream, too, but that sounds like a lot of work to me…  We used this as a “quick, heat it for 14 minutes in the oven and let’s have dinner” kind of meal.  We served it with left over tater tots and chicken picata from the night before.

Cheap, unique, tasty frozen food - a Trader Joe's speciality!
This isn’t something I would want to eat every night, but does add variety to our diet.  I will get it again.

Price – $2.29 (which is really cheap)

Rating - 4

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