Saturday, September 26, 2015

Day 269 - Southern Greens Blend

I wanted to try these.
Yippee - GREENS!
David did not.

Ewww - greens...
David ALWAYS thinks stuff like kale, mustard greens, and the like are gonna be gross.  But you know what?  9 times out of 10 he likes them.  (I still can’t convince him that okra is edible, but maybe someday…)

This Southern Greens Blend is a mix of collards, mustard, turnip, and spinach.  Can you say HEALTHY??  (And can you say, “Something different in our normal vegetable routine”??).  The greens were all ready to be cooked.  The package said it is four servings but for us it was more like three.  I quasi followed the directions on the package.  Normally when I cook spinach I just sauté it in olive oil and it only takes like 10 minutes, so cooking following the instructions on the package took longer (around half an hour), but was worth it.  I cooked them with celery, garlic, onions, chicken broth, and 21 Seasoning Salute (which got a glowing 5 star review that you can read here:  21 Seasoning Salute

Find these in the produce section
These were good!  They ALMOST tasted like something my Grandma Lee might have made.  I loved her cooking (as did the rest of the relatives!).  She would have taken the time to fry bacon and use the fat and meat, but I skipped that part.  Maybe next time I will plan ahead better and add bacon, too!

I adore this photo.  It is my Grandma and Grandpa Lee and their kids. They all packed into a car and
moved from North Carolina to Nebraska.  My mom is standing next to Grandma.  They look like such ragamuffins,
all except for Grandma's nice suit and hat.  I love this.  Only two people from this photo are still living.  Memories...
I served these greens over rice with black beans and topped them with fresh tomatoes from the garden and feta (with a splash of Tabasco over it all), and a garnish of radish.  The plates looked beautiful!  The greens tasted really nice.  They were not too hard or too chewy.  They were a good contrast to beans and feta.

The plates looked pretty!  Rice, beans, greens, feta, seasoning, and radishes all from TJ's.
David says the greens were surprisingly pleasant!  He said the mix “smoothed out the collard-ness” (which I do not think is a word).  He thought the feta spiced it up.  He said, “It is good at what it does, it is a MIX of GREENS.”

We ate this while watching Paula Deen “dance” on “Dancing with the “Stars” “.  That seemed appropriate, given her Southern roots.  I think she would have cooked these in lard.  And I also think she better get booted off that show soon, cuz girlfriend cannot dance.  (But on the other hand, doesn’t poor Anna, the partner of Gary Busey, look so mortified every time she and Gary do NOT get cut??  Oh my.  People are gonna vote for Gary just to see the craziness every week…  Not that I pay attention to that stupid show…  Umm…  )

Gary and Anna - I suspect this photo was taken before they actually DANCED the first time...  (Happier times)
Price - $2.99

Rating - 4


  1. What an amazing family heirloom to have that photograph!
    I totally love all those greens blends that TJs has- buying different ones and washing and chopping is just not my favorite activity! I buy the "cruciferous crunch" the most, it's great sautéed or even in soup- and makes me feel super healthy! (Aka chocolate for dessert :)

    1. I know - isn't that picture great??? It seems to capture such a moment.

      We tried Cruciferous Crunch once and I liked it better than my partner. I will try it in soup as the weather gets colder though!