Thursday, September 24, 2015

Day 267 - Chicken Quesadillas with Seasonal Vegetables

These hit the spot perfectly!!!

Found in the frozen food section (a tasty area of any Trader Joe's!)
David cooked them – he followed package directions to microwave them, press them, then fry them quickly for a “crisper finish”.  He thought he overcooked one side but I thought they were DELICIOUS!

I topped them with just picked cherry tomatoes from our garden and the super delicious Trader Joe’s Hatch Valley Salsa (Hatch Valley Salsa review here).  We served them with leftover rice, black beans, and Southern Greens from the night before.  I thought it was a PERFECT combination.  Maybe I was just super hungry, but I really enjoyed it.

Delicious!  The wine served was White Ribbon Semillon - to be reviewed soon
The quesadilla was not too dry but not too mushy.  I think the beans in it hold it together well.  The chicken was awesome – not huge chunks, very nicely sized.  The corn in it was a nice touch.  I did feel that the corners of the quesadilla could have used a bit more filling, but David thinks perhaps he squished them too hard when doing the “pressing” and might have caused that.  Even if David didn’t cause it, that is a minor technicality.

David says, “Very good.  A nice, quick, complete meal even if you do not add the sides like we did.  I think it would be nice to add some SOUR CREAM to the top to give it some sauciness, in addition to the lovely tomatoes that Susan threw on.  I hardly notice the Hatch Salsa, I am not a salsa guy.”

My rebuttal is:  I AM NOT A SALSA GUY EITHER BUT I LOVE TJ's HATCH VALLEY SALSA! And it went great on these quesadillas.

Super cheap.  The signage says "A great late night snack" but for ME, these are too big and filling to fit that bill.
They are more of a meal.
These were so easy and really felt like a complete meal.  They are almost like a Hot Pocket, but 100 times better.  There are two quesadillas in the package and serving size is one quesadilla. They are priced CHEAP – it works out to only $1.85 per quesadilla.

We both agree that this product deserves a high rating and a place in our freezer again.

Price - $3.69

Rating – 4.75

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