Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Day 259 - Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

If you have read any reviews on this blog previously, you know DAVID LIKES TO EAT.  Specifically, he likes DESSERTS.  He loves him some sweets – cakes, pies, ice cream…  And that includes COOKIES!  Poor guy, I do not bake cookies for him nearrrly often enough.  But every once in a while I grab a pack of these refrigerated cookie dough cookies that you plop in the oven, bake, and pretend like you made them from scratch.  I usually buy the “big name” brands – Pillsbury, Tollhouse, etc.  I have seen this one at Trader Joe’s before but have never gotten it.  Recently, I went for it!

Here is the package - find it in the dairy section by the butter
And I was disappointed…  After baking and tasting these I can easily say that I prefer the name brand versions. 

See - the dough is BROWN instead of the normal off-white
Right from the get go these were different – they are much more BROWN than the other kinds.  David thinks maybe the dough itself has some chocolate/cocoa in it, not just the chips.  We baked these for longer than the package told us for crunchy cookies to but they were still doughy in the middle.  They taste BLAND…  There is no “crunch factor” at all.  They are not exciting at all.  Not even satisfying as a cookie really. 

David munching a cookie - the man loves desserts
David says – they are tasty, but perhaps a little over sweet.  It is disappointing that they are still a little doughy in the middle even though we added an extra 5 or 6 minutes in the oven.  I think if we cooked them a littttle bit longer they might be crunchy on the outside and still chewy in the middle.  I still prefer the non-chocolatized standard Tollhouse cookie.  I would give this a 4. 

(I QUESTIONED HIS SCORE – A 4???  He was not happy with this cookie and he still gave it a 4 (which to me is a high score!)??  He said, “Well, still it’s a COOKIE!  How bad can it be???”.  Hahahaha!  Oh David!)

$3.49 for 16 cookies
For me, my normal order of preference for chocolate chip cookies is:
1.        A freshly baked homemade (or nice bakery made) cookie
2.       A freshly baked store bought dough cookie
3.       Premade, prepackaged store bought cookies

HOWEVER, in this instance, I would prefer even premade, prepackaged store bought cookies over the Trader Joe’s Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough.  I would much rather eat TJ’s Crispy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies (which got a great review on day 213of this blog ) than these. 

It has been 2 days since we made them and there are 8 left...  I ate 1.  That means David has eaten 7 cookies in two days.  That may sound like a lot to you, but trust me, if he liked them there would be fewer left.
And if you need further proof that these are not great, we made them 2 nights ago and there are still a lot left….  If David TRULY liked them, there would only be 2 remaining at this point…  He agreed to lower his rating to a 3.5 (though he scoffed and insisted that, basically, all cookies are good…).  I would give these a 2.25.  The rating below averages our 2 scores.

Price – $3.49

Rating - 3


  1. Still eating these cookies. ... But I'm not likin' it.

    1. Hahahaha! You will eat anything remotely sweet in front of you. Except that ONE TJ's type of cookie that you got while I was out of town, ate one, and TOOK BACK.

  2. Woah! I'm so surprised to find this review, as I LOVE these cookies and prefer them so much more than the name brand cookies (Toll House, Pillsbury, etc.). To each their own ;)