Thursday, September 3, 2015

Day 246 - Shredded Parmesan

We normally buy a CHUNK of parmesan and shred it ourselves.  But I thought I would try something new this time, thought I would go the “lazy route” and buy some pre-shredded cheese.  After all, I need products to review, right?

12 Oz bag of freshly shredded parmesan
I really like parmesan.  And this was a good tasting one.  It was just a weird SIZE in my opinion.  The shreds were not big enough to munch on as chunks, yet were too big to throw on top of pasta and call it a day… 
The bits were just too BIG... Here they are on top of macaroni pasta (recently reviewed) and garden tomatoes
I guess the ideal use for this cheese would be on top of homemade PIZZA.  That way it would melt and, as so many people like to say, size wouldn’t matter.

We did find another use for it – we put it in homemade pesto.  Once a year we celebrate PESTO DAY by harvesting all of the pesto out of our garden, borrowing a food processor, and going crazy making pesto.  We put cheese in some of it and leave some of it “naked”.  So we used this shredded parmesan for that and it seems fine.

After midnight - the end of a very long PESTO DAY!  22 sealed bags of fresh pesto!
 Overall, an okay cheese.  I prefer to cut and shred my own so I can get the size I want, so I don’t think I will be investing in this one again. 

Price – $5.49

Rating – 3.5


  1. That's a whole lotta pesto!! Those shreds are totally the wrong size for eating raw. I guess they work for eggs or whatever, but i'm a big fan of the microplane for parm- it gets this fluffy super light texture that works great on anything from salad to pasta

  2. Just wanted to say that after randomly stumbling across your blog and somehow reading it for the past couple hours:

    1. I mean I liked trader joes, but now I think I like it even more! I never noticed all the little personal details about the place. Will definitely check out my local one in StL tomorrow for any unique touches.
    2. You guys are adorable! I love how energetic you are, and all the little side projects you talked about. Very inspiring for someone in their 20s.

    Thanks for the blog!

    1. COOL! Thanks so much for commenting. :) We used to live in KC (not St. Louis, but stilllll, same state!). See if the St. Louis store has any LOCAL things. Those are the most fun to find. You might have to ask someone working there. They will steer you toward them though! And if you like KALE, here is a tip - we just got a salad yesterday that was great! It is in the new Fearless Flyer (the newsletter thing). It is called "Persimmon Salad". I know, it sounds sort of gross... But it is GOOD! It tastes like "autumn", if "autumn" were a flavor. I will review it in a couple of days!
      Thanks for reading!!