Sunday, August 2, 2015

Day 214 - Tissues (Facial Tissues)

Right off the bat, extremely high marks for PACKAGING.  This is the best artwork/slogans on any box of something designed to blow your nose ever.  Each side of the box has a great slogan that makes you smile.  The phrases make you feel better even if you are sick.

Teehee - haven't we all done this???
Awww, isn't this sweet?

First impressions after actually USING one of the tissues – damn…  This is what I was afraid of…  It is NOT soft.  I was afraid it would be a recycled, hard, crunchy tissue that was not gentle on my nose, and I was right.  I have been sick off and on for a month now.  Part of the sickness has been an extremely snotty head.  I have blown my nose approximately 2,893 times in one month (that is an estimate, I have not kept a tally).  The last 2 times have been in one of these TJs tissues, the previous 2,891 times were in “name brand” tissues (aka Kleenex or Puffs or something other big brand).  I must say, if every single time had been in one of these TJ tissues, I think I would be even crankier now than I already am.

When I blow, I need some softness!
 I just need some SOFTNESS in a tissue.  If I need to use one, my nose is probably already a bit sore and is definitely cranky.  A soft tissue is like a little nose hug.  Whereas these TJ tissues, while not as scratchy or hard as sandpaper, do not have that “hug” quality.  They have more of a utilitarian, “Hey, I am just here to hold your snot” quality.  Maybe it is a bit “princess” of me, but I need a nose hug.

Sure, maybe you would BE there when I am sad, but you wouldn't be SOFT...
Oh sure, they are 100% Recycled Post Consumer Content and I know they all really GREEN and make the earth happy.  I get it.  And I support it.  But if they just make the EARTH happy, but make my runny nose sad, then I am sorry but they really have not accomplished all objectives…

THIS is a great use for these tissues - picking up bugs and other icky things
Let’s see what David thinks.  (I ask David to blow his nose in a TJ’s tissue).

“I don’t really have much stuff to blow.”  (He takes tissue, blows.)  “OK.  I think, uhhh, I think they are good.  I think they feel more like TISSUE PAPER than a Kleenex in your hand, but they are STURDIER than Kleenex which is good when blowing your nose.  They are a little more tissue paperish on your face, but not unpleasantly so.  In fact, they feel reassuring that they will not come apart as you blow and distribute your mucus in the palm of your hand, as sometimes happens with Kleenex.  So all in all I would say, good work Joe.  Saving the world one cold tissue at a time.  Actually, making the world feel better one cold tissue at a time.”

David’s rating – 4.25
Susan’s rating - 2

So in examining our responses, my conclusion is:  if your nose doesn’t need a hug and you want a “manly” tissue, go with Joe. 

P.S. – the best phrase on the box, as someone who loves to do laundry and has on multiple occasions found Kleenex bits in the dryer, is “Please don’t leave me in your pocket when you do laundry!”.

Isn't this a fantastic reminder??
Price – $1.29

Rating (average of 2 ratings – one male and one female) – 3.25


  1. I SWEAR that I'm not going to pop up after every post to point you to my own review on the same item. But this time (unlike the shepherd's pie), we're so perfectly in sync that I have to mention it:

    1. :) Just read your review, Rakewell. Yup, we agree on this being a "no thank you" to purchasing again. Though we are learning right now (due to David cutting his finger with a utility knife) that these tissues DO sop up blood quite well.

  2. I failed as a reviewer. I did not cut my finger in order to test that usage.

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