Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 209 - Girasoli Ricotta and Lemon Zest (Ravioli)

Yum!  We served these ravioli with homemade pesto (we grow basil and try and have a big pesto making event at the end of every summer then freeze it in heat sealed bags.  It takes quite a few hours but it is well worth it – the pesto we unfroze tonight was from 2013 and it was fantastic!).  Our side dish was baby bok choy (reviewed way back on day 38).

Yummy dinner!
First impression – lemon zest!  Not overpowering though, very calm, well behaved lemon taste.  Then ricotta.  For David, there was a bit too much ricotta, so he added more pesto to balance things out.  But for me, good ricotta level. 

These make for a good, simple dinner.  They only take 3 minutes to cook.  I think they would be fine to serve if you have guests over.  You do not want a heavy sauce with them – I would like them with just olive oil but I fear my date would not. 

Even before we brought them home and cooked them, David guessed these would be Italian good
Speaking of my date, here is what David has to say about these ravioli:  Tasty.  Great mouth feel.  Filling filling (that is adjective then noun – see what he did there?).  Serve with a flavorful sauce because ricotta doesn’t have much taste on its own (see!  I TOLD you he wouldn’t want these with just olive oil!).  They cooked just fine following the directions and that is good, none exploded.

Hard to spell name...
 The package says this is 3 servings.  I would say it is 2.5 servings.

I will buy these again.  Good summer dish.

Price – $2.99

Rating – 4.25

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