Thursday, July 16, 2015

Day 197 - Roasted Coconut Chips

True story, I ran out of Lay’s Potato Chips with my lunch and I am still hungry and in the mood to snack.  So, I busted open this package of never-before-tried (by me) Roasted Coconut Chips.  And I must say – yum! 

As you can see, I wasn't sure how these would taste.  (Note:picutre on the wall is NOT crooked, this is a weird camera angle)
These are some crunchy little coconuts!!!  It’s not the hard-yet-bendy coconut that you might have tried from other brands.  These are sweet little coconut STRIPS roasted to a crunchy perfection.  The bag says they are “mature coconuts soaked in fresh young coconut milk, roasted with a touch of salt and sugar”.  I am not sure why they are so concerned about the relative AGES of the coconuts and coconut milk, but this old/young combo works for this snack.

If you follow the serving size recommendation, that is a buck a serving
It DOES feel like a healthy thing to nibble on, too.  Much more healthy than, say, Doritos, but with the same crunch level.  The bag is only 2 ounces and says half a bag is one serving.  I think I could easily down half a bag of these puppies in one sitting.  The bag also mentions the possibility of topping a salad or ice cream with them.  I can see that.  They are also vegan and gluten free if that is your thing.

I just put this tiny purple plate of them in front of David who nibbled them and said, “Well, they taste like coconut, but they are nothing but CRISP.  They lack that nutty crunchability of a piece of coconut that is thicker.  They are tasty.  Not too sweet.  Not so much fun to chew”.

See - little strips of roasted coconut.  You will like them better than David did.
I say, if you like coconut you should try these.  They are a little piece of a tropical island all sealed up in a bag.  Ignore David’s comments and give them a shot.

Price – $1.99
Rating – 3.75

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