Sunday, July 5, 2015

Day 186 - Gnocchi Italiani

This was our first time trying these gnocchi from Trader Joe’s.  On night one, we served them with Trader Joe’s Alfredo Sauce (glowing review of that on day 161).  The gnocchi were really good with Alfredo!!   The doughyness of the gnocchi blended well with the creamyness of the Alfredo sauce.

Here is gnocchi with Alfredo sauce, topped with pepper and parmesan with a side of zucchini and mushrooms

Cute package, in the pasta section (not refrigerated or frozen)
Last night we had the gnocchi again, this time with a (non TJ’s) red sauce.  I must say, Alfredo was a better topping for them.  Maybe the red sauce somehow competed with the gnocchi?  I am not sure what it was, but things tasted better with Alfredo.

These are really easy to cook – boil water and then throw these in for 2 – 3 minutes.  Seriously, could you get a faster meal??  You don’t even have time to cook your veggies if you do not plan ahead!  The package says it has 4 servings, which I would agree with, it worked out to 4 for us. 
Here is gnocchi being drained :)
David has proclaimed that gnocchi is the “Italian mochi”.  He does not usually like gnocchi, but found these delightful.  He says they are, “Like pillows of pasta, not heavy matzo balls of tastelessness”. 

Cheap and hearty meal
I think these are a good WINTER meal, since they are hearty and warm.  I will get more when the temperature cools down.

Price – $1.69

Rating – 4.25

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  1. I tried this gnocchi for last two days with Trader Joe's red sauce. (They displayed these as pair at the store!) Gnocchi is simply chewy and delicious.
    I liked the low price first, and fell in love with the taste and texture. Shorter cooking time compare to other pasta is also plus since I work full-time.

    I'm buying more this gnocchi tomorrow.