Saturday, May 16, 2015

Day 136 - Dried Apricots

We got these as a “road trip snack” but have ended up eating them (and sharing with other artists) as a “theatre festival snack”.  They are nice!

Last minute addition to our shopping cart - dried apricots from Turkey
They are dried, but not “shriveled-up-no-liquid-left-dried” like some dried fruit.  I thought this was exciting and unique, but when I shared one with a fellow artist he declared that no, this was not unique, this was indeed how most (all??) dried apricots are, and that these were, in his opinion, average.

Way to be a Debbie Downer! 

I will follow my original opinion of this snack and not be swayed by a dried apricot connoisseur.  J 

Not all shriveled up and dried
These are plump, moist, tasty apricots.  The bag (1 lb) is plenty big to share with friends old and new.  I have not tried cooking with them, just munching them straight out of the bag.  They make me feel like I am eating a healthier pick-me-up than, say, a bag of Doritos (which, let’s face it, happens sometimes…). 

Good snack. 

Price – $3.99

Rating – 3.75

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