Sunday, May 3, 2015

Day 123 - Shaved Brussels Sprouts

We served these at our Trader Joe’s dinner party last month.  We love Brussels sprouts and knew at least one of our guests did, too.  We had never bought this bag of SHAVED sprouts, so thought we would give it a try.  I had seen someone write online that they were really good and that the recipe on the bag made a great dish.  So what the heck – we tried them!
Shaved Brussels Sprouts - they look a bit like cole slaw
I gotta say – I was disappointed.  The recipe (which had balsamic vinegar and bacon in it) was easy to prepare, but didn’t come out all that great.  It tasted way more “balsamic-y” than Brussels sprout-y.  We prepared two bags (we had six adults at the party) and had loads left over (which we eventually threw away), so I assume the other guests weren’t too keen on them, either.  Maybe if they were prepared a different way and we didn’t follow the balsamic glaze recipe they would be better.  I guess I should give them another try sometime…

Bits of bacon in there - see them?  This is the cooked dish

If I rated them on my own, I would give them a 3.  But since this is from the dinner party, I shall now look at what other people wrote and average the ratings.  Let’s take a peek:

-          “A nice novelty, but the balsamic-bacon preparation kind of mushed up all the flavors.”
-          “Delightful combination of savory bacon and sourness.”
-          “Conveniently pre-chopped, lovely recipe on the package.”
-          “Ok, kind of “small bits” not my fave.”
-          “I think this could grow on me, but initial reaction is modestly appreciative.”

Two of the raters - see how SERIOUSLY they took their rating duties???

Well, it looks like our guests appreciated these puppies more than I did!!  (Then why didn’t they eat more of them???)

Price – $2.79

Rating (average of 6 from the dinner party) – 3.75

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