Friday, April 17, 2015

Day 107 - Brandy Beans

Delicious little capsules of sweet liquor, wrapped in bean shaped chocolate.  A sort of M & M s for the sophisticated (drunkard) set.  In truth, there is hardly any alcohol in them, but plenty of the complex flavor of Brandy to off-set the sweetness of the treat.  Just right to pop one into your mouth, or even bite in two for two mouthfuls.  It is so neatly engineered that it does not shatter and spill goo all over as some harder shelled liquor chocolates might.  

Well behaved, high quality chocolate and a classic concept.  Well executed. 

Here's the box - don't they look fancy?

If you are looking for a Brandy Bean, this is about the best one you are gonna get.

Brandy Bean BEFORE

Brandy Bean DURING

Brandy Bean AFTER (well, after being bitten in half)
 (This review was written by a guest reviewer, my partner David.  I had to recuse myself from reviewing this item because I think liquor chocolates are yucky in general.  I did give this one a go and TRY one to see if perhaps this would be the one liquor chocolate in the world I enjoyed, but alas, it was not.  So to be fair I hired the guest reviewer.  I paid him in Brandy Beans.  J )

Price – Ok, this is sad…  I cannot find the price!  I have looked through all the old documentation of TJ’s purchases and it is nowhere to be found.  I went to TJ’s to check and was informed that these Brandy Beans are actually a HOLIDAY ITEM.  Oops.  Sorry!  You will not be able to get them until around October.  So if you want some, be sure to go between October – December or they will be g-o-n-e.

Rating – 4.25

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