Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Day 90 - Chicken Breasts

We usually buy our chicken at stores other than Trader Joe’s – Giant, Shopper’s Food Warehouse, or Safeway.  You can normally find SMALLER portions there, which we like (in that we are only two people).  But, for the sake of the blog, we bought it at Trader Joe’s this time.

What can I say?  Chicken breasts are chicken breasts, no?  The taste was fine.  Quality seemed normal.  I do find it funny that the sign says “minimally processed” – that may be poultry industry speak, but for a lay person like me I am not quite sure what that means…  Does it mean “some feathers MIGHT still be on there, cuz we only minimally processed this stuff…”?  I hope not!  J  (Note – we did NOT encounter any feathers with this chicken.)

Minimally processed...  Mystery!
I do not know if this is a GREAT PRICE, but I am feeling lazy tonight and just looked at Pea Pod (online grocery delivery service) and they are charging $3.00/lb for chicken breasts, so I would say Trader Joe’s is in the right ballpark.

My only complaint is that you cannot get smaller packages.  So many other products at TJ’s are perfectly portioned for our two-person household and I wish this was, too.  Oh sure, we could FREEZE what we don’t use the first time, but we normally like to eat our meat FRESH the day (or day after) we get it.

Price - $2.99/lb

Rating – 3.5

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