Saturday, March 14, 2015

Day 73 - Coffee Trio

As so often happens to us, we were out of coffee and looking at the shelves of Trader Joe’s trying to remember which ones we liked.  But strangely, there seemed to be a few NEW COFFEES that we had never seen before, including an adorable little set of three – a coffee trio! 

Being smart shoppers (at least we like to think of ourselves as smart shoppers…) we wanted to do the math before deciding to get them.  I know that NORMALLY petite little sets of things end up costing MORE than if you were to just buy the regular sized items – think hand lotions or lip balms at Body Shop or Victoria’s Secret at holiday time…  But when we did the math on this set, the numbers turned out good!  There are three cans, each about half the size of a “normal” coffee can, and the total price is $4.99.  (I wish I could list exact sizes, but I have thrown the outside packaging away and the cans do not have the sizes on them – they are labeled “not for individual retail sale”.)  We figured buying the three smaller cans was a good way to try more varieties of coffee!

Coffee Trio - limited quantities!
So far we have opened two cans – Papua New Guinea and Uganda (I can’t really say “Uganda” without hearing the line from “Book of Morman” in my head where our hero gets assigned a mission trip to Uganda…).  We really like the Papua New Guinea variety and Uganda is not half bad.  Looking forward to trying Peru, but thought I should post the review NOW so that if you, too, want to get in on the petite can action you can do so before they run out (this is not a normally stocked product, the sign said “Limited Quantities”.  Now that I think about it, these MIGHT be left-overs from the holiday stock, but expiration dates on them are not until October 2015.)

So in a nutshell – buy the trio.  Good way to taste 3 varieties of coffee!

P.S. – to Trader Joe’s (if any corporate people have found their way to this blog) – why is there an EXTRA LID in this set?  There are three cans, but four plastic lids.  Even though we will recycle them, seems like a waste. 

Price – $4.99

Rating - 4

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