Monday, February 23, 2015

Day 54 - Whole Wheat British Muffins

If I am going to buy a “breakfast bread” at Trader Joe’s, I normally go for the plain crumpets.  Apparently other people do, too, because sometimes they are out of stock.  So one night when there were no crumpets, we went for these Whole Wheat British Muffins. 

Whole Wheat British Muffins
While they were not BAD, they were not GREAT.  The first thing you are confronted with is the fact that the muffins are not pre-split.  I guess I am spoiled by other brands, but when I pull an English (or in this case British) muffin out of the bag, I expect it to be split.  The second minor issue is the size – they are a wee bit too small to POP UP from our toaster, so when they are done you have to fish them out with a wooden skewer.  The third not so big issue is the lack of nooks and crannies for your butter to settle down into.  There are really no “holes” so the butter just sits on top.

And the fourth issue, which is the TASTE issue so most important, is that they are a bit GRAINY.  I guess it is a texture thing more than taste, but they are just too GRAINY for me.

I hope they have my crumpets in stock next time I shop, because I much prefer those.

Price – $1.69
Rating – 2.75

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