Sunday, February 15, 2015

Day 46 - Cauliflower

Cauliflower has never been on the top of my “favorite vegetables” list.  I just prefer my veggies to be GREEN, thank you very much!  But ever since we discovered ROASTED CAULIFLOWER, I have had to re-prioritize my vegetable preferences and cauliflower is sneaking its way up near the top!!

My first experiment with roasted cauliflower was from a recipe that claimed the little florets would “taste like popcorn and even kids would love it!”.  It was true, I loved it (though technically not a kid).  The second recipe was one that had loads of zingy flavors in a Greek yogurt sauce covering the head of cauliflower – oh man it was good!  Then last night I did a much simpler, and equally (perhaps more?) delicious version of a whole roasted cauliflower (ingredients were olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and capers (also fresh parsley, which we didn’t have so I skipped, cuz that’s how I roll).

Leftovers!  Day 2 of roasted cauliflower - it was just as tasty the 2nd day
 The point is:  give cauliflower a try.  Even if you have previously found it to be bland, dull, and yucky.  Try to roast it!  Google – there are loads of roasted cauliflower recipes.  In fact, if you have one you love please put a link in the comments section here so I can try it. 
Note:  I was not sure if the price for a head of cauliflower at Trader Joe’s, $2.49, was good or not.  So I drove RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET, a one minute drive, to Safeway to compare.  Guess what?  The Safeway price was $3.99!!!!  $1.50 more than Trader Joe’s! 

Oh Safeway...  Don't say, "Every Day!" with an exclamation point, unless you mean,
"Charging too much for cauliflower EVERY DAY!"
 Pick up a cauliflower when you are at Trader Joe’s and ENJOY IT.  I sure have!

Price – $2.49

Rating – 4.25

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